I’m a web developer and budding data scientist who lives in West Auckland, New Zealand. I graduated from Auckland University with a first class honours degree in computer science in 1997. I worked as a web developer at Unitec Institute of Technology until I stopped full time work to have my first child in 2006. I now have two children aged 12 and 14, and feel extremely lucky that I have been able to be a full-time parent to them, which has enabled me to give them some great opportunities and experiences they might not have otherwise had.

I have been constantly keeping my “finger in the pie” with web development in the time I’ve been off work, though I have found that the pace of change in the world of web development has been challenging to keep up with. Things have come a long way since I studied a brand new graduate paper “Hypermedia” at university in 1996 and we did a group assignment creating a web site in plain HTML with some Perl CGI scripting! When I started out in my job at Unitec I was working alone, covering roles of web designer, graphic artist, front end developer and back end developer, creating web sites from scratch in HTML, hacking together my own templating system. When I discovered a new scripting language called PHP I was amazed at its possibilities. In those day JavaScript was used sparingly and with constant thoughts of cross-browser incompatibilities. With the introduction of stylesheets, jQuery, JavaScript libraries, Content Management Systems, PHP Frameworks life seems to have become simultaneously easier and much more complicated for web developers.

While I often find the myriad of frameworks and languages available to developers nowadays daunting, I love to learn new ways of doing things and have dabbled in various different systems. I have used Laravel and Vue.js for personal projects, and I love this way of developing websites. These tools make web development so much more pleasurable, allowing developers to focus on business logic and interactivity rather than worrying about low-level database queries or browser compatibility.

I also recently went back to university, completing several undergraduate and postgraduate papers in data science and statistics at Massey University. I find this field fascinating and I would love to work in this area as I think my computer science background would a great complement.

Have a look at my Portfolio page for some links to a few personal and educational based projects I’ve worked on over the years that showcase my varied skill base and love of exploring new technologies.