Hi, I’m a web developer, stay at home mum, budding data scientist who lives in West Auckland, New Zealand. I graduated from Auckland University with a first class honours degree in computer science in 1997. I worked as a web developer at Unitec Institute of Technology until I stopped full time work to have my first child in 2006. I now have two children aged 10 and 12, and feel extremely lucky that I have been able to be a full-time parent to them, which has enabled me to give them some great opportunities and experiences they might not have otherwise had.

Although I have done some part time work in the meantime, I have found that the pace of change world of web development has been hard to keep up with. When I started out in my job at Unitec the only interactivity in web sites was achieved using Perl CGI scripts! When I discovered a new scripting language called PHP I thought it was amazing. Although I sparingly used JavaScript, I lived in fear of cross-browser incompatibilities. It was only after I left Unitec that I found out about jQuery and how painless it was to achieve amazing results.

By working on projects for myself and for family and friends I have been able to keep apace with developments in front-end and back-end web development, though I have felt overwhelmed at times by the vast quantity of frameworks and new languages around, conscious that it’s not possible to learn everything. I have recently focused on learning Laravel, a great PHP framework with well supported documentation. This integrates very well with the Vue.js JavaScript framework. These tools make web development so much more pleasurable, allowing developers to focus on business logic and interactivity rather than worrying about low-level database queries or browser compatibility. 

I have also recently become interested in data science and have completed several statistics and data science papers at Massey University in the last few years. I find the possibilities of this area fascinating.