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July - December 1996

The King and I

When? 7 July 1996
Where? Glen Eden Playhouse
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Eugenie, Jeff, Karlene, Phil, Raewyn, Tasha, Trudy

As a cultural experience, the Waitakere Rover Crew decided to see the musical The King & I. Well actually we saw it mostly because Sharleens Mum was playing one of the wives, and we thought it would be nice for her to have a cheering section in the audience.

The musical was very well done; I loved the costumes and dancing, everyone appreciated the music and singing. We didn't like the ending to the story (the King dies) but this wasn't the fault of the people doing the musical. Whoever wrote The King & I (not Shakespeare) obviously never watched Walt Disney. Or maybe they did (Bambis mother and Mufusa both died).

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Ten Pin Bowling

When? 9 July 1996
Where? Lincoln Road Superstrike
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Eugenie, Jeff, Karlene, Phil, Raewyn, Trudy

It was a challenge - Roskill against Waitakere. Actually we decided that wasn't very fair since Roskill had some very good players and they had a lot more people than us. We divided into mixed teams and had two games each. Richard from Roskill proved to be the pro, getting 120 in one game and 189 in the next. Ironically Angela proved to be the un-pro, getting 59 in one game and 46 in the next. From Waitakere, Phil did quite well (108, 131), and Trudy did surprisingly (considering her last efforts) well (81, 101). Raewyn was having an ok day - luckily she had some pretty bad people in her group, so her score didn't look so pathetic. Eugenie didn't do so good - she needs a bit of practice. Karlene made a pretty good effort - gutter balls were few and far between. Jeff was pretty good. Brendan had a terrible first game but improved 100% in the second. Darryn did very well too.

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Car Rally

When? 13 July 1996
Where? Auckland
Who? Darryn, Eugenie, Karlene, Phil

We gathered in the McDonalds carpark in Manukau to compete in the annual Rover car rally of Auckland, hosted by the Manukau crew.

The driver (Phil), the navigator (Darryn) and two inflight hostesses (Eugenie and Karlene) set off from McDonalds shortly before 11am headed for who knows where (although the judges did!). After driving around in circles (as well as the roundabouts) we cruised up to our first clue where several native plants were removed (Dont tell DOC).

The on to the eye opening tour of Otara. This is not a place a white boy should visit by himself, hence the car doors were securely locked.

Onwards through many an unknown backstreet we found ourselves at the airport during an arrival (dont do this if you actually expect to get parking). After more backstreets we were fortunate to find Wendys!!!! And time for a well earned cheeseburger and coffee (ask Karlene how much she ate, we know the truth!).

Into Remuera looking for the red door, and onto the motorways as we cruised into the North Shore, under the harbour bridge looking for how many people died in building the bridge and my car keys which got mislaid. This we didn't let on although the opposition must have wondered why I was walking around in circle staring at the grass.

At bit of sight seeing around Birkenhead followed looking for a church and the strippers lane before heading back across the bridge (which 3 people tragically gave their lives so that we may travel faster).

We arrived (finally) at Meola Rd den to find ourselves well placed in the arrivals, where we indulged ourselves in BBQ steak and sandwiches.

Once the final competitors crawled in and the distances were tallied up it was announced to all present and sundry that WAITAKERE were the most awesome drive team to compete, outdoing, outracing, outdriving and finally outnavigating all who dared to drive against us, and were presented the car rally dog trophy.

All in all, a pretty successful day and a lot of fun for all concerned.

It is now Waitakere's responsibility to plan and host the next rally for next year.

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Debating Night

When? 10 August 1996
Where? Bay's Den
Who? Karlene, Raewyn, Trudy, Brendan, Darryn, Tasha

We were the last debate of the night, and our mission was to prove that he Answer is 42 We enlisted the aid of some high tech devices including the internet and Trudys old PC cleverly disguised as a super intelligent computer. Unfortunately I dont think the disguise was clever enough for the judge, who saw through the amazing multimedia display (a flashing 2 and recognised it as a 10 year old pile of junk. We did have some pretty convincing arguments though, including Karlenes long list of questions which had the answer 2 However despite our brilliant debating, we lost the debate by a fine margin. This, we couldn't understand since we are quite convinced, even to this day, that we were better than the other team, who often resorted to violence, shouting and derogatory comments for cheap laughs.

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Purity Test

When? 17 August 1996
Where? Bay's Den
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Eugenie, Raewyn, Trudy

We arrived late only to hear the sounds of the most personal questions that exist. Once we were settled with a piece of paper and a pen we were supposed to put a mark on the paper if we had ever performed the question that was read out by Goose. However if you're anything like me you saved up all your points in you're head to write down as an answer to another question. I didn't want people to know if "have you ever had sex with a dog", or "have you ever had sex in a moving vehicle". Some people however had no trouble in writing down their answers in fact they told you as well.

At the end everyone counted up their points and divided them by the number of questions to see how pure they were, and of course I was very pure unlike some others.

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Skiing Trip

About Mt Ruapehu

When? 24 August to 30 August 1996
Where? Horopito Scout Hut, near Ohakune
Who? Brendan, Raewyn, Trudy, Karlene, Jeff, Tasha, Sharleen, Jarred, Russell, Chris

It was a real relief to us that at the time of our skiing holiday (which we'd been planning for a year) Mt Ruapehu was still behaving itself like a good little volcano. So, we'd proved those skeptics wrong (skiing - ha you'll be lucky! However that skepticism meant that 95% of those who were planning on going had pulled out soon after the mountain had erupted for the second time. For a while we were worried that there'd only be Rae, Brendan and Trudy, the eternal optimists (no volcano was going to stand in the way of our skiing!). In the last week before we went we managed to muster several other parties to join us at various times during the week. Karlene and Jeff have to be given prizes for the most fickle trippers, having decided that they were or weren't coming at least 3 times. That last of these was the day before we left when Trudy got a phone call pleading for transport.

Anyway, we left at around 10 on Saturday morning, stopping in all our usual stopping places on the way down (Georgie Pie, Hamilton, Te Kuiti, Taumaranui) and making an extra stop for extra food for Karlene and Jeff at Te Awamutu. We arrived at the hut at 4-ish and set about lighting a roaring fire. Sharleen and Jarred arrived back from their days skiing and Shar announced that she'd injured her knee, thwarting any skiing for the next few days. This was bad news for Shar, but it proved to be quite fortunate for Raewyn who took advantage of the situation and gained use of Sharleen's skiing goggles and scarf.

That night we had Spaghetti Bolognaise. Afterwards we played Face Off, a popular and rowdy game for skiing trips/drinking. Rowdy was right, and as the port/kahlua/rum was consumed it became noisier and cruder. Poor Jarred couldn't get to sleep, but after the experience with Sharleen's friends a few years ago we found it hard to have any sympathy (Jarred wasn't actually there, but I'm sure some of those people are his friends!).

In the morning we heard the weather - beautiful blue skies - and bounded out of bed and into our skiing gear. Karlene and Jeff, on form as usual, decided at the last minute that they would be heading for Napier with Tasha (they obviously weren't impressed with the beautiful sparkling white mountain towering over the hut). Sharleen decided to stay in bed all day, but Jarred offered to take us up to Turoa in his super duper fast fancy thermo dynamically adjusting 4WD car.

As promised, the weather was good - but a little windy further up the mountain. Jarred was very patient with the clumsiness of our less experienced skiing, however he insisted on leading us on slopes above the difficulty level of our most hesitant participant which didn't please her very much since she couldn't enjoy the skiing very much when concentrating on staying upright. Later in the afternoon though, Trudy took pity on her and they stayed on the easy runs while Jarred lead Brendan astray. We couldn't see any sign of the recent eruptions - no ash coloured snow or great craters in the side of the mount - but we did rather fancy that we saw a bit of steam rising from the top of the mountain.

The events of that night are a little hazy so I'll conclude that we didn't do anything worth remembering. The next morning the weather report wasn't so favorable, but it was passable to we made a decision to go skiing. Jarred and Shar stayed in bed, not liking the sound of it. When we got there though, it wasn't too bad at all. Being a Monday there was hardly anyone there and we parked a few steps from the ticket office - a bonus! The weather looked pretty sunny. Raewyn got her way and we stayed on easy-ish slopes while we practiced our style. As the day went on the cloudy/windy periods got increasingly longer. At the top of the Movinpick Chairlift we could hardly move forward because of the wind (even on the downhill!). At around 2.00 we finally crossed the threshold of finding it too unpleasant for the skiing to be worth the effort and we set off back to the cabin for an early dinner and then Hot Pools (can you imagine how wonderful the thought of hot pools sound when you're buggered, sore and freezing?). When we got to the hut Shar and Jarrie informed us that they were heading off home since Shar couldn't ski and the weather didn't sound too great for the next few days. Luckily Sharleen opted to leave her scarf and goggles behind (Raewyn had got quite attached to them by then).

After dinner (marinated steak and pasta) we started for Turangi Hot Pools. It was a point of debate about how far away they were. Trudy thought 1 3/4 hours, Brendan thought only 30 min and Raewyn said maybe about 3/4 hour. Raewyn was of course right (what do you expect) and it took 45 minutes exactly. It was wonderfully relaxing and we stayed there still we were forced out by closing time.

When we got back our new set of guests had arrived - Russell (Rae's brother) and his friend Chris.

The next morning we were depressed to hear that everything (except Happy Valley and we weren't quite THAT desperate this time) was closed. Chris and Russell didn't let that put them off and climbed half way up the mountain. Meanwhile Rae, Trudy and Brendan went to Ohakune to see what was on offer. We finally settled on the idea of horse riding, and when Russell and Chris got back they decided to come too. That was an interesting experience - they weren't the most well behaved horses I've seen. At the end of 3 hours our bums were really quite sore - adding to the skiing pains accumulated in the last 2 days.

We were hopeful about the next days weather, but it wasn't to be. Once again, to our disappointment, both sides of the mountain were closed. Russell and Chris couldn't handle any more of this and decided to head off home early and come back in the weekend which promised good skiing weather. Raewyn and Trudy had got it into their minds to go to Taupo to have a bit of a look (those glossy brochures promised wonderful tourist attractions) and Brendan agreed despite the long drive. We dutifully made our lunches and left. This was the day that Tasha, Jeff and Karlene were returning to Horopito from Napier, and it didn't occur to us until we were on our way they we might well pass them. coming the other way.

Brendan had a desire to look at the Trout farm near Turangi, so we stopped there on the way. Raewyn couldn't muster much enthusiasm for fish, but Trudy and Brendan were fascinated.

As we got closer to Taupo we thought more about Tasha, Jeff and Karlenes eminent return to Horopito from Napier. It didn't seem too unlikely that they would stop in Taupo for lunch. Trudy's logic went like this: They didn't have a key or alarm code for the hut. They wouldn't think that we'd think of this and make arrangements for them (which we had) to get into the hut. They wouldn't think to check the weather forecast to see if we were skiing (which we weren't) and hence theyd think we wouldn't be home till at least 5.00. Hence they would possibly spend a few hours in Taupo looking at the shops.

This was all very well but Taupo was a big place. We decided that even if our detective work was spot on, we had very little chance of finding them there since Taupo was quite a big place. But we thought we may as well try because it would be a real shame to miss them. The places to try were Tasha's favorite donut shop and MacDonalds.

Not thinking much of our chances we drove slowly down Taupos main road looking for Tasha's red car. What a surprise it was when, on the first road we tried, Brendan spotted Jeff and Karlene! Trudy screamed and shouted with her usual frenzy, and Karlene and Jeff could not miss us. As surprised as we were to find them, they were extremely amazed to see us there. As it turned out Trudy's analysis of the situation was exactly correct. They were even parked at MacDonalds.

After looking around the Taupo shops for a while we dragged K,J & T off to Wairaki Park - the centre of Tourism in Taupo. First stop was the volcano centre. This was fascinating for Raewyn, Trudy and Karlene. Raewyn had an interest in volcanic activity dating from way back, due to her interest in the complex mechanisms of the earths core. Trudy was interested in it because she was enthusiastic about absolutely anything. Karlene really liked watching the little lights light up when she pressed a button on the model. Anyway, the others began to get a very annoyed with R, K and T who remained in the volcano centre for sometime. When they finally emerged they headed off to the Prawn Park (this was where Brendan wanted to go most of all - he has some fascination with breeding sea life). Here we were brave enough to try a few prawns each (they're not cheap). Trudy wanted to go on the tour but she was talked out of it (it cost $6) by non-enthusiasm by some others. Karlene was very quiet, due (so the rumour goes) to a tiff with Jeff.

After the prawns it was time to head to the wood centre. Here were some lovely carved bowls and things.

Trudy bought a Fathers day present for her Father which was a crib board. She went overboard (ha ha get it) and bought one for herself too. K & J stayed in the car.

Next stop was the honey hive. This was a favorite because we got to taste interesting honey flavour for FREE. We also had a bit of fun with the distortion mirrors. Karlene stayed in the car. We convinced Jeff to buy her a making up token of a little bee.

That was about it for Wairaki Park, so then we headed to the pools (it was about 5pm by that time). There was a little drama when we got to the pools and it was found that there was no sign of Raewyn and Brendan's togs. This was of course in no way Raewyn's fault because Brendan had distracted her at the moment she was going to put them into the car and they never made it. Luckily the pools had togs for hire. They were even exactly Raewyns size. We once again had another pleasant evening in the lovely warmth of the pools. When we got home it was quite late, and by the time we had cooked and eaten dinner (Devilled Sausages) it was time for bed.

Next morning, the radio reported that the Centennial Chair Lift was open!!!! Hurray, we could go skiing. Poor Trudy was going home that day (work couldn't do without her for one more nice sunny beautiful skiing day), so she had to leave by 2.00. By the time we got the chains on etc it was about 11am when we bought our tickets. But we got some real fun skiing in. That night R and B were left by themselves (sniff sniff) and were a bit lonely. They attempted to play crib but Brendans memory wasn't very good for the game so they ended up playing fish. They next morning they were in raptures to hear that the mountain was OPEN and it was a beautiful day!!! And an amazing thing happened. It started snowing outside the hut! little flakes of snow fell gently from the sky landing on the ground.

Once again, it was quite late by the time they got to the top of the mountain (we had to tidy the hut up and pack our gear). It was fantastic skiing! Raewyn improved her skiing and became much more confident and even skiing the Waterfall Chair (an accomplishment!). We were very sad to leave at 4.00. We were left with a taste of honey and were hungry for more. Driving home, the mountain looked beautiful - the best view we'd had of it. We even saw Mt Egmont. We once again rather fancied that we saw some steam rising from the crater (actually there had been a strong sulphur smell the whole day).

As per usual we stopped at Tiffinays in Te Kuiti for dinner (not quite the same without the others - and I'm sure those American Hot Dogs have gotten smaller!) and then went home to bed (snore).

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Roskill's 21st

When? 31 August, 1 September 1996
Where? Motomoana
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Eugenie, Phil, Raewyn, Trudy

Just back from our skiing trip, we were a little sleepy when we turned up at Motomoana at lunchtime. We socialised over an average BBQ lunch (we were a little put out at having to buy our own drinks), telling everyone who didn't run away screaming about the wonderful skiing holiday we'd had. We felt quite young in the throng of ex-Roskill members who looked like old married couples with 2.5 kids and a dog. In the afternoon we went did a bit of abseiling on the Motomoana tower - a good photo opportunity for us. We found some of precocious little kids quite amusing, and the dog found Brendan and Phil quite amusing.

After this we transformed ourselves into our nearly best clothes (Brendans sneakers were a bit of an embarrassment to us though). The dinner was really good, but the speeches went on for a bit (not really, they were quite entertaining). After dinner a bit of a party developed, but the WR, being party poopers as usual slipped away on the spot of midnight (our fairy godmother's can't have been far away).

In the morning we arrived at the venue again at 10.00 for the champagne breakfast. It was running a bit late, and things weren't going very smoothly in the kitchen (there was a bit of fuss over plates). However the breakfast, when it arrived tasted really good (anything tastes wonderful when you're starving). The champagne (actually $5 Mont Royale - but it tastes better than the real thing in my Westy opinion) went to our heads a bit so we had to take the left overs home.

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Rocky Horror Party

When? 27 September 1996
Where? Some den on the North Shore
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Eugenie, Karlene, Phil, Raewyn, Trudy

We had never been to one of these things before, but Raewyn had done a bit of research on the internet, so we had a vague idea of what we were in for. As usual Waitakere out did everyone else in costumes. Trudy was a bit embarrassed of her costume (although it was very good - hired actually), so we only saw it for 5 minutes while we took photos. Eugenies costume was very skimpy, but she didn't seem ashamed of it at all. We also brought along our rice, newspaper and water guns ready for a bit of fun.

It was a long wait before the movie was started, and we got a little bored, but finally the movie came on. It was an interesting experience listening to the all backs(one or two people knew them). Being amateurs, I think we threw the rice at the wrong time, but we had fun doing it anyway. We also had fun spraying everyone with our water guns while hiding under newspaper. The Time Warp went a little wrong when Eugenie slipped on the slippery floor (from the rice and water of course) and bumped her nose.

After the movie we were obliged to help clean up the terrible mess we had made with the rice. Luckily it didn't take too long with everyone on board, and we could go home. We were thinking about stopping at McDs, but decided against it because of our strange attire.

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Sewing Bee

When? 28 September 1996
Where? Massey Den
Who? Trudy, Karlene, Eugenie, Phil, Darryn, Brendan

The aim was to sew on our badges while going through our rover box which hadnt been touched in several years.

There was also a few shirts to be mended. Being the only one (except Eugenie)* that knew what a sewing machine was for, I got the job of sewing the shirts. Somehow I also got the job of stitching the badges on other peoples shirts. Shame on the Waitakere Rovers that cant use a needle and thread!

Trudy and Brendan found heaps of interesting things in the box, including old minutes from past meetings (our crew is nearly 30 years old). It was quite an amusing yet informative read.

We had fish and chips for lunch and then went home.

* I forgot - Rae knows what they are for too, because we used to make dolls clothes together. Trudy says she can use a sewing machine, but I dont believe her.

* Rae wasn't there anyways so she doesnt count.

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Den Warming / Phil's Going Away

When? 11 October 1996
Where? Massey Den
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Eugenie, Jeff, Karlene, Phil, Raewyn, Trudy

Because Phil was going away to Antarctica for 4 months we thought we better have a good party for him to say goodbye (actually it was his idea but we would have thought of it given time). We also thought it was a good opportunity to introduce everyone to our newly borrowed den - the first home (other than Trudys place) we had for all the time we'd been in Rovers (excluding Darryn).

So we sent out flyers, bought food and drink, decorated our den with balloons and streamers then waited to see if anybody would actually turn up. They did!

We had a great turn out, and those that weren't outside making bombs with the dry ice for the Antarctic ice water were inside dancing or sitting in corners consuming as much alcohol as possible.

Even though it was a sad occasion for some of us that Phil was going away, we all had a really good time. Who knows, maybe we will have a welcome home party as well.

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When? 17 October 1996
Where? Skateland
Who? Karlene, Jeff, Eugenie, Trudy, Darryn

Bays (I think) invited us along to skateland, apparently they had booked the rink and were expecting a large number of Rovers to attend. Unfortunately though, for them, hardly anybody turned up. We were thanked profusely for our attendance.

It was a lot of fun skating around in circles, trying to keep up to the beat of the trendy music. Darryn, who said he couldn't skate properly was doing ok, being led by us 3 girls. (I think he pretends not to on purpose just so we help him!)

Jeff couldn't skate, as he in inclined to dislocate his knee caps, so he just watched.

Soon it was time for the game they play at the rink - Green light - Red light. You have to skate across the rink until you hear Red light then you have to stop. You can only go again when you hear green light. If you move when you are supposed to be still, you're out.

Then we played Mote-Carlo (I dont know if they call it that, but I do). You skate around then when the music stops you skate to a number - a dice is rolled and if it is your number, you are out. I won this game, being the last one on the rink. My prize was a drink which was greatly appreciated as I had no money left and was thirsty.

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Maynard Service

When? 20 October 1996
Where? Camp Maynard
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Eugenie, Karlene, Raewyn, Trudy

We arrived a little late due to an aversion for early mornings. When we got there everyone was playing with a very long, thick piece of rope, so we helped cart it down to the confidence course. Brendan stayed there helping them do tough guy things with the long thick piece of rope. Us girls and Darryn went to do general maintenance on the course, which involved chopping naughty trees and telling them to behave themselves in future. Eugenie got right into it and dug some nice looking steps which she was extremely proud of. We then tried to make a pathway wider on a log walk, but ended up in being walking aids to the brownies attempting to walk over it. After all this hard work we decided it was time for lunch, so we went and had one of Hillcrests special meaty things. Then it was time to help carry some very heavy pipe things along way down the track. Raewyn and Karlene attempted this by themselves, but found they couldn't handle it without the help of a big tough male (namely Darryn). Darryn and Brendan then proceeded to show them how pathetic they were by lifting it up and carrying it on their shoulders without any look of pain on their face whatsoever. Gee theyre strong! What men! After all this strenuous exercise, we decided we were in need of a break, so we headed for the beach at Whangaparoa, although Brendan stayed behind for a while to chop wood. After the beach we went to Eugenie's and watched a video - Threesome which was very entertaining to say the least.

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Boat Trip

When? 26 October 1996 - 27 October 1996
Where? Hauraki Gulf
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Karlene, Trudy

The Island Star was a beautiful catamaran, partly owned by Margaret Faed who had kindly invited us for a luxury weekend cruise. Our original skipper couldn't make it, so we had to hire another. He turned out to be a very SYT (sweet young thing - barely 18) named Hayden. Trudy and I had a good giggle over this. I bet Eugenie wishes she came, and we must get a photo!.

We travelled to Rotoiti for a bit of fishing, Brendan caught a few snapper, and so did his Dad. Trudy learnt how to gut the fish and make them into fillets for tea. Yum, they tasted great.

We also went to Waiheke, Darryn, Trudy, Brendan and I rowed ashore for a while to explore and ended up climbing a really steep hill (cliff?) for fun. On the way back we discovered we were actually trespassing on private property. Whoops! Oh well, no one will see us, we thought and strolled out their gate (which was unlocked) like we owned the place.

The next day was spent sailing the harbour, and just sitting around lazing in the sun, feeling sorry for those couldn't (wouldn't?) come - a Ha, Raewyn's missing out on a really good time! Raewyn was actually sitting at home studying for her university exams which she was in the middle of. Trudy rang her and told her it was raining to make her feel better, but she probably knew we were just bragging very subtly. The only thing that was bad was the feeling you get when you return to land. You know, like you are still on the boat, rocking, but you're not. It took me a whole week to get over this - which is bad if you are a sample cutter trying to cut along a straight line.

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Trivial Pursuit Night

When? 9 November 1996
Where? Massey Den
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Eugenie, Karlene, Raewyn, Trudy

Its fair to say that the Trivia night took a lot of preparation, not easy when you're in the middle of exams as Raewyn was the week before. Stress! However it eventually gathered some semblance of organisation, although on Saturday we were still busy trying to do last minute stuff. But by 7.00pm we were all ready in the den, just waiting for people to turn up. Which they did - eventually. Brendan was master of ceremonies and wore his best clothes to prove the point. Rae, Karlene and Trudy were the judges. Darryn checked the pizza. The first category was Computers and Technology, which we decided was a little too difficult to be the first section (it put a few people off). But one team did quite well and received their trophy which was an abacus (hand made by Brendan). For each of the sections we had thought up some quite interesting prizes. The music prize was an air freshener in the shape of a gramophone - very ingenious (thanks Warehouse). The Name the Babes competition involved naming 20 or so pictures of sexy famous people and had the prize of a colour picture of the Waitakere Rovers babes - no doubt hanging in some lucky girls (or guys) bedroom right now. The prize for the logo competition (Auckland Area Rovers logo) was a business stationary set made up of some pretty cool things we stole from various peoples works. The anatomy competition involved matching up names of parts of the reproductive system (both male and female) and their place on a picture. The prize for this was a skeleton.

The overall winners were a team called Kaos which consisted of Mark and Louisa plus Louisas parents and a few others. Those old people really know their stuff. Special mention must go to Katherine and Vickys team (apple?) which seemed to do very well on anything to do with sex.

Unfortunately there wasn't time on the night to let everyone know the correct answers for the questions, but we went through the answers afterwards and sifted out some of the more creative answers. . .

Who injured their leg on the vault during the summer Olympics?
Nancy Reagan

Who is the recently appointed NZ Cricket Coach? Some Bloody Aussie When was the Scout Movement Formed?
When BP was a little boy

What is the outer layer of the earth called?

What British POW had permission to have spare legs parachuted in to Calderts?
Arthur Crutchers

Who wrote Les Miserables(the book)?
Andrew Loyd Webber

From what Shakesparean play does this line come from Shakesparian quote . . .
The King & I

What poet wrote about the daffidols?
Sam Hunt

Who is the author of Anne of Green Gables?
Liz Taylor

What was the first name of the prostitute in Pretty Woman?
Anything you want it to be

What is the song that describes the Quickening in the highlander movies?
3 blind jellyfish

Where does this movie quote come from?
"Let that be a lesson to you boys and girls. Dont argue with the big dog because the big dog is always right"
Hundred and one dalmations
Homeward Bound

What do the letters IMHO stand for on the internet?
I'm Hacked Off

Who invented Napiers Bones?
Mrs Napier
L. G. Bra

What 20th century man is considered to be the founder of computer science?
Bill Gates

How long should the diaphragm be left in after sex?
Till he's gone home

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When? 16 November 1996
Where? Waitakeres
Who? Brendan, Eugenie, Karlene, Raewyn, Trudy

We started from the Cascades carpark at a very decent hour of the morning. In the absence of Darryn, the navigation was done by Raewyn who unknowingly guided the party a different way to what was intended. No one would have noticed though and the resulting tramp was just as good as the planned one. The first bit was up quite a steep hill, but luckily that didn't last too long. The next bit was along the lovely flatness of the tramline track. We had lunch at Waitakere Dam on a nice grassy picnic area. After lunch we decided to cut a little bit out of the route and make it a bit easier for ourselves. The way back was all downhill and a very pleasant stroll. We stopped at the Cascade waterfall on the way back before heading back to the carpark. After the walk we drove down to Bethells beach for a walk along the beach. When we got to the beach we discovered Brendans cellphone on Trudys back bumper, having survived the trip from the cascades (including several judder bars and a sudden U turn). At the beach we saw a little puppy who was very very cute. Trudy wanted to smuggle him home under her shirt, but unfortunately its owner didn't want to part with it. From the beach we departed home, stopping for takeaways and retreating to Trudy's place for a nice relaxing spa.

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Christmas Parade

When? 17 November 1996
Where? Auckland Central
Who? Karlene, Raewyn, Trudy

We arrived at the Aotea Center with plenty of time to spare, as we expected we needed time to learn the amazingly complicated choreographed steps. We found our way to the dressing rooms and managed to locate our dresses, despite confusing instructions. We were to be dressed as Dance Hall Ladies and we soon found that this meant wearing hideous stripy red and white dresses. One of the most amazing facts of the whole day (actually the whole year) was that Trudy actually put the thing on with hardly any persuasion at all. Having attired ourselves, we made our way to the Mississippi float, expecting to receive our dance instructions. But nobody there seemed very keen to teach us, so we decided to go back. Back in the Aotea Centre we were rounded up and told to get some make up which actually involved a lot of gunky face paint smothered over our faces in weird places. Poor Karlenes lips looked very worse for the wear after Raewyn tried to fix them up, and even worse when the lady with the paint brush had a go. Back to the float, we waited around for a while and then someone finally got around to showing us the dance which involved basically skipping around in a circle. The parade finally got around to starting (it was a beautiful sunny hot day so one thing we had to thank about our dresses was that they were cool). We smiled and skipped around in circles and waved for the length of Queen Street and then back up the other way before we were finally released from our aching feet. Next job was to distribute balloons, which proved to be very difficult as the balloons had become entangled on the sticks and needed to be hacked apart with scissors. After we got changed into our normal person clothes and had done the best to rid ourselves of the red stuff covering our faces, we presented ourselves for so called afternoon tea. This was revealed to be no more than an ice block, but was appreciated anyway.

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Ice Skating

When? 22 November 1996
Where? Avondale
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Karlene, Raewyn, Trudy

Most of us had passable ice skating ability, except Darryn who had possibly never ice skated before. This made an amusing spectacle as he wobbled around the rink grasping the railing. He got a bit more confident later on, but never really caught on to the fact that you are meant to slide on the ice and not just take little steps. Brendan fell over a few times as the result of trying spectacular pirouettes, but Raewyn and Trudy didn't fall over at all (which they reminded Brendan of several times). Karlene was cautious but progressed well.

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CCS Collecting

When? 21, 23 November 1996
Where? West Harbour
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Eugenie, Karlene, Raewyn, Trudy

This time of the year came around again. The time where we are obliged to knock on peoples doors and ask them for money. This time our area was West Harbour, and very welcome change from Raniu, since in West Harbour people generally have money. Some of the houses were absolutely enormous, however we found that there isnt necessarily a correlation between the size of someones house and the amount of money they are willing to donate. We also found that Saturday isnt the best day to go collecting, as many people are out. But we made an honest effort, and even Karlene was willing to give us a hand this year!

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CCS Counting

When? 28 November 1996
Where? ANZ Building, Queen Street
Who? Brendan, Karlene, Raewyn

I arrived at the location at 4.50pm and decided to wait for everyone before going in.

At 5.15, no-one had turned up so I tried to go in, but was told to wait for the security guard so I could give him my name. Well, 5 minutes later I figured out that the guy who had also been wandering around was the security guard, and not, as I had thought, another volunteer. He said I could go in. Dont you need my name? I asked. No he replied. Its okay. Just go up to the 2nd floor.

On the second floor I sat down at an empty table and waited some more. I got to open a small bag. It was empty. After more waiting, I was found by 2 other people (not rovers) and we began our task of sorting out coins into containers.

Eventually Raewyn and Brendan decided to join us - they were running late (Brendans fault) and then couldn't find Eugenie (she was supposed to be picked up from work, but she got sick of waiting too and went home) so they were even later. Oh well, never mind. We got our usual feast for tea - all you can eat pizza and fizzy drinks, but this year we didn't win any prizes (at the end). Among the unusual finds were a casino chip, an ear ring and a silver 2 cent coin.

We left with the righteous feeling that comes after doing community service for a good cause.

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District Fun Camp

When? 30 November 1996 - 1 December 1996
Where? Shakespeare Bay
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Eugenie, Raewyn, Trudy

Another too early Saturday morning and it was time to drive to Shakespeare Bay to brave the mob of our younger scouting siblings. We were keen to set up our canteen tent and get into business - having got permission to sell drinks and snacks at the camp. Things were quiet for a while, because everyone was on the beach, but soon the Kaukapakapa Venturers spied us and came to investigate and introduce themselves. Gee what easy PR work when people come to you!

1 very generous Venturer was keen to spend a whole $20 at once on drinks for his mates, and soon the word had spread about our enterprise. There was hundreds of hungry and thirsty little scouts and cubs all queuing up with coins waiting to be spent, and some of them even stayed for conversation. Even the rain that hit us in the afternoon didn't stop them - we were all inside the marquee when people kept saying to us is your canteen still open?.

In the afternoon Rae, Karlene, Darryn and Eugenie went for a walk with the Kaukapakapa Scouts. Those Scouts must be really unfit because they were complaining that it was too long, when we were thinking what a pleasant stroll. Afterwards, we got into the Scouting spirit and played a few games with the scouts, like touch rugby (not a great success) and tug of wars. The Venturers and Rovers against the Scouts was a bit of an unfair match (there were heaps more Scouts, but we had the advantage of Darryn). The girls against the guys (just the scouts) was a real grudge match. We weren't going to let those males win, so we gave it absolutely everything we had, and eventually triumphed. Yay women's power!

We were enthusiastic about making a Burma trail for the Scouts, so we gathered some bits of string (we spent a while tying them together) and created a trail through the nearby bush. In the evening the Scout leader forced the troop to go through it (no torches). Some of the tough boys thought it was a real cinch. Until they got to the end and Brendan jumped up out of the grass. At that stage a few of them nearly passed out.

After dinner, we were discussing who was going to wash dishes when a boy (I think he was a Scout) announced that it was a womans job. This of course did not go down well and the boy in question ended up having a nice cold shower in his clothes.

Later that evening, we sat on the beach and had a quiet drink watching the stars. The only thing that spoiled it was an episode with the Venturers getting into trouble which I wont go into detail about.

We had to pack up the next morning as it was raining heavily, and as everyone else had the same idea, we decided it was a good time to leave. This was unfortunate as it greatly hindered our canteen takings.

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Dummer Olympics

When? 8 December 1996
Where? North Harbour Industrial Estate
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Eugenie, Karlene, Raewyn

Waitakere and Hillcrest arrived early at the venue to assemble the gear. Luckily it was a fine day, although a bit windy. We were busy pegging plastic things, filling paddling pools and arranging tyres for about an hour. Then we took off for a few minutes to get some MacDonalds. By the time we got back, a few participants had arrived. It took a bit of organisation, but finally everyone got themselves into teams.

Karlene and I were taking watch over the stretcher race. This involved two pieces of bamboo and some tangled rope. The aim of the game was to assemble a stretcher, and carry a person on it around a marker. Of course everyone tried to find the easiest way to do it while stretching the rules as far as possible. This made for a very boring game, since the rope wasn't actually necessary (as they found out) and a person could be carried just using the poles. Next time we'll change the rules a bit and decide that the person is not allowed to be touching the poles.

Human 10 pin bowling proved to be a popular event. It involved hurtling ones self down a greasy, wet piece of plastic, trying to knock down as many pins (actually coke bottles filled with water) as possible. The horizontal bungy was also quite fun - you had to run down a greasy, wet plastic sheet with an elastic band attached to your waist, and try to throw a sponge into a bucket at the other side. Other events were apple bobbing, obstacle course and gumboot throwing.

After the fun, Waitakere headed off for a nice time at Parakai hot pools.

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Mark & Louisa's Wedding

When? 15 December 1996
Where? MOTAT
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Raewyn, Trudy

Sigh, Louisa looked lovely. Mark and Paul looked - well bright. It was a very Christmassy atmosphere with the white, red and green. The seating was a bit short in the little MOTAT church, but we all squeezed in. The service was short and sweet (just as well - we were boiling hot standing cramped at the back of the church). The saxophone was a really nice romantic touch. After the photo shoot we headed off to a Guide hall in Takapuna where we guzzled down the beer, wine, champagne and grape juice while we made numerous toasts to the future happiness of the happy couple.

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Sausage Sizzle

When? 21 December 1996
Where? Pinepac, Whenuapai
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Eugenie, Karlene, Raewyn, Trudy

Having already moved it forward a week (the week before it was pouring rain), we were a little annoyed to find the weather was not expected to be wonderful. It looked perfectly fine when we got to Pinepac in Whenuapai, but it was not long before the grey skies loomed above us. When it was bad, it was very bad, with torrential downpours and howling gales. That lasted for about 10 minutes, and when it stopped, the blue skies and harsh sunlight came out again. This pattern was repeated about 4 times during the morning. We also had a few hassles with getting a BBQ, involving missing trailers. But Pinepac had one out the back that we were able to find a gas bottle for, so we finally got our sausages frying. At times business bloomed, but the weather (we expect) hindered sales, and we didn't make much of a profit (if at all). But we still have 3 packets of sausages left which we hope to flog off in the new year.

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Christmas Lunch

When? 22 December 1996
Where? Oxs Bar & Grill
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Eugenie, Karlene, Raewyn, Trudy, John

On Eugenies recommendation we decided to have our annual Christmas festivities at Oxs Bar & Grill. The food was very cheap ($6.50 for a large meal of either steak, chicken or fish). While we were waiting for our food to be cooked, we made pleasant small talk and whined about wanting to open our presents. Eugenie however wouldn't let us and told us to be patient and wait until after we ate. Our food came and we were staggered by the size of the meals - especially the steak which was huge. That little informality out of the way and we got on to the fun stuff - opening the presents. Of course it was meant to be a secret present swap, but in reality it is very difficult to keep it quiet for long. Here is a summary of the presents received.

Brendan - All sorts of goodies including a few cans of beer, bar of chocolate, naughty magazine, aspirin
Darryn - A heavy metal CD
Eugenie - A Manpower magazine
Karlene - A piggy bank
Jeff - A set of tracks and a little wind up car car
Raewyn - A magic growing rock set
Trudy - A personalised mouse pad and a cucumber

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