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30th June 1995 - 31st December 1995

Kawau Island Trip

Background Information

When: Friday 30th June - Sunday 2nd July
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Darryn, Karlene, Jeff, Zane
Where: Kawau Island / Motuora Island
Why: Tree Planting on Motuora

We've been to Kawau a fair few times now, and usually it all goes pretty smoothly, so we were perhaps a bit too optimistic about this trip. We had arranged to meet at Brendan's at 5.00 on Friday - plenty of time to catch the 6.30 ferry. Trudy had arranged to pick up our two guests from Savage crew from Parnell. We got a call at 5 to 5 at Brendan's from Trudy telling us that she was a bit lost. Yes, she had the address. Yes she had a map. Unfortunately she didn't count on hectic rush hour traffic. (She took a wrong turn, then couldn't get back because of one way bridge, not being able to cross traffic etc). She was in quite a state when she rang, and she begged Darryn, to go into town and pick up the Savage guys since she was informed by the people in the office, whose phone she was using and whose carpet she had thrown up on, that it would take her at least half an hour to get where she was going. We now had a problem. It was doubtful that Darryn would be able to get into town and back and get to the Sandspit in time for the ferry. It was doubtful that Trudy would be able to get to the Sandpit in time for the ferry. But we had a ferry to catch, and we had to try. So Brendan and Zane went on ahead to get the ferry, Darryn went into town, and Raewyn stayed to wait for Trudy (Karlene and Jeff were meeting us at the ferry).
Trudy arrived at Brendan's at 5.40pm. We could still make it. But pretty soon it started raining and hailing heavily, meaning a major impediment to our journey. At Warkworth, we came upon another technical hitch. Trudy's lights ceased to work. Trudy was having a bit of bad luck. I don't think fate meant for us to get to that ferry. However, there was still a chance of making it - Brendan told us they would hold the ferry for quarter of an hour, so we drove on with Trudy holding the light lever on flash. This made going around corners difficult, and we were a bit concerned about the cars coming the other way. Somehow we missed the turn to the sandspit, and we knew that we had done so when we ended up in Snell's Beach. Knowing that there was no way we could make it on time any more, we decided to give up, deciding it was safer to stop and get the lights fixed. So we stopped at BP Snell's beach to ring the AA. We spent about two hours here, waiting for the AA guy and then the auto-electrician, and organising somewhere to stay. The girls at the BP were really helpful and soon arranged for us to stay at a bread and breakfast for only $18 each. The electrician temporarily fixed our lights and we headed to our place. It was a really nice house with a roaring fire to sit next to. The really nice German lady gave us some hot chocolate and muffins and we played cards. The lovely German lady also told us that if we slept in our sleeping bags, she wouldn't have to wash the sheets, so we could stay for free (she knew we were doing service for DOC, and she was a very environment conscious person). Our exceeding generosity moved us to give her $20 between us though. The next morning we drove to the Sandspit to catch the 8.15am ferry and met up with Darryn, who had slept in his car for the night. He had arrived to pick the Savage guys up, but they weren't there. We think they had given up waiting for us. Oh well.
The rest of the weekend wasn't nearly so eventful. On Saturday we planted many trees on Motuora. On Sunday Morning we shifted lots of wood to make way for an aviary. It was exhilarating work, especially in the pouring rain. Just when we had nearly finished, Sylvia the caretaker told us to knock off, so we went to the hut and ate lunch. Then we walked over the hill to catch the ranger's boat (it was really stormy by this time and too dangerous to get the boat on the side we were on). The trip back on the ferry was an excellent experience. 3 metre swells meant we had a roller coaster ride on the waves. Raewyn and Trudy, sitting in the back of the boat (someone had to do it so balance the boat) got absolutely saturated and a teensy bit cold from the rain and from the sea spray. We made it back in one piece though, and spent the rest of the afternoon showering and cleaning up. On the way back to Auckland, as per usual we stopped at KFC and were surprised by the lack of wait for our meals.
By Raewyn

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Drag Party

When: Saturday 15th July
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Darryn, Karlene, Jeff, Tasha, Karlene's Mother
Why: Area Social

A photo of Trudy and Darryn dressed up
A photo of the Lip Sinc Competition winners

Everyone got into the spirit of this event - even Darryn who's usually so conservative. We were very surprised when he turned up in his mother's nightie with a diamond necklace (this is from a person who's too scared to wear a bracelet his sister gave him for Christmas because of what people might think). Brendan took the cake though. He was sexier than everyone there including the females. The music was really good and everyone had a real good time! Waitakere aced the ABBA lip sinc with their brilliant 'Murial's Wedding' type rendition of Mamma Mia. What beautiful clothes! Those lime green flares were just sooooo cool. And Trudy's shirt was pretty hip. A big thanks to Karlene's mother for helping us out by filling in the 4th ABBA spot. The condom blowing competition was a bit of excitement. The rules weren't quite clear, but someone won by default because theirs was quite bit and it took a while to blow. I still think Trudy should've won because her's was the last to pop. Mrs Maskovich did really well too - we declared her 2nd. Of course Brendan won the best dressed prize - well it was a tie. He was real happy with his chocolate part of the male anatomy. Anyway, that was a really fun night and we enjoyed it to the max. The music was cool and everyone was really relaxed and happy. Even Darryn got into the dancing - a real event. I have to say that this is the best Rover social I've ever been to.
By Raewyn

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When: Friday 25th August - Monday 28th August
Where: Horopito Scout Lodge
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Tasha, Jeff, Karlene, Darryn and Guests (Steve, Peter, Douglas, Gordon)

Background Infromation on Mt Ruapehu

A photo of us skiing
The lovely waterfall

The fleet of Merc's sped down to the hill of tranquillity. Thanks to the computer who's commentary repeatedly told you the speed shown by those red and white round signs on the side of the roads, and gave advanced warnings that care is advised, whenever there was a corner coming up . Well, maybe that's an overstatement, we did all drive down to Ohakune, and some of the backseat drivers were most helpful. (What are you talking about Trudy?). We skied one whole day with beautiful weather and a very cheap lift pass since the upper lifts only opened in the afternoon and they accepted lower lift passes. Although Gordon, spent an afternoon in the Medical Lab getting in stitches. He did an emergency stop and managed to get a ski in the head. Luckily he was wearing glasses or it would have been worse. I decided that he couldn't call that an afternoon of skiing. Darryn got really proficient at skiing backwards, but started to get the hang of forwards skiing too. Two of the other days the weather wasn't too good but we stuck it out. One of the days it was too windy to ski so we went for a tramp - actually a walk - past a nice waterfall. It was always nice to return to the hut and warm fire. A few drinks and cards didn't go amiss, nor did the special bed time secrets. Actually, how did that TV get there? Steve! One night we all headed off to Turangi for a nice hot private spa, that's what I call a good night out (was there separate changing sheds for girls and boys?).
When we got back, we flocked to the wonderful spa (which was actually a very nice temperature this time) to relax our aching muscles. The boys (Douglas, Peter and Gordon) stayed the night in Trudy's room - hmmm I wonder what they got up to!
By Trudy and Raewyn

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Gang Show

When: Friday, 1st September
Where: Maidement Theatre
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Jeff, Karlene, Darryn

War - that was the theme. Yip it was another gangshow, we didn't make it on the Rover Nite, however we still got there. Yes those little boys in tights look rather, Um (I'm lost for words). I'm amazed that their may even have been Rovers that show a little talent in the Arts field, could there really be talent. Those radio announcers certainly got the story of the war across, it was history in the making.
By Trudy

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Gang Show Party

When: Saturday, 2nd September
Where: Roskill Den
Who: Karlene, Jeff, Darryn, Raewyn, Brendan

A few drinks, and a dance, what more do we want for a party. Yip, it was a boogie on down night, with a bit of a blast for sound. Who was counting the number of drinks. Were any of those guys getting tooo close for comfort.
By Trudy

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Power Woman Marshalling

When: Saturday 10th September
Where: Swanson / Massey
Who: Karlene, Brendan, Raewyn, Darryn, Tasha, Trudy

This was meant to be fundraising because we were going to get paid for it, but we haven't got paid yet so you could count it as service perhaps. All we did was get up really early and stand on the corner of a road. We then waited for yonks for a bunch of cyclists to come past. When they did (all 12 of them) we pointed around the corner. We got really nice T-Shirts from it.
By Raewyn

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Digging a Waterslide

When: Saturday 14th October
Where: Motomoana
Who: Brendan and Darryn

They turned up and waited for Kathryn to arrive, but she never did. They met Roy and went down to the waterslide, carrying the lengths of timber, and then started widening the waterslide and made it deeper in places.
By Raewyn (dictated by Brendan)

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Clash of the Crews

When: Saturday 28th October
Where: Shakespeare Bay
Who: Brendan, Darryn, Guest appearances by Eugenie and Phill

That was a really good day. We got there a little bit early - everyone else was late so it was late in starting. Darryn and Brendan joined with Hillcrest. We won the orienteering. Down hill mountain biking was fast - though some wimps went pretty slowly. It was very bumpy. The bikes were a little dodgy too. The krypton factor was fun - although the runners got a bit battered. Everyone was amazed that Brendan knew how tall Scully was (5 foot 2 - lucky that Raewyn has read the FAQ!). The relay was particularly exhausting with most people already tired and sore. The crew crawl was torturous.
Raewyn and Trudy meanwhile spent their morning studying and their afternoon doing an exam. However you'll be pleased to know that this was a good day for them too because Trudy gained an A and Raewyn an A+.
By Raewyn

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When: Sunday 29th October
Where: Maidement Theatre
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Darryn, Trudy, Tasha, Karlene, Jeff, Michael

The final, of the season. The best and the next best team, where out to show us what they were made of. Creativity, and no ounce of shyness. Tell them your secrets and they'll tell everybody with a bit more oomph. Shout out a good word or suggest a good theme, and you could win a can of drink. But if you just stay seated, you'll probably catch a minty. I think seat warmers is what we do best. We did however learn how to make a great fart (Trudy, have some dignity) rude noise. MMM ...... Ah. Some of those Guys are really quick thinkers, witty and above all else humorous. Minities don't taste bad either.
By Trudy

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Rangitoto Island

When: Saturday 4th - Sunday 5th November
Where: Rangitoto Island
Who With: Taikata Who: Brendan, Darryn, Karlene

We walked from the jetty to the house we stayed in and mulled around for a bit & had tea. We ended up with two Roman Candles and a Fountain as fireworks. We took drinks and walked to the summit and sat down. It was windy. We walked down and saw some cool fireworks displays from the mainland. We sat around the fireplace, talking and drinking and then we went to bed. In the morning we had a bit of a hangover and ate a greasy breakfast. Then we left on the ferry.
By Brendan

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Bottoms Up

When: Friday 10th November
Where: Pumphouse Theatre
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Karlene, Jeff, Darryn, Tasha, Brendan

One of our prospective members was an actor in this show, so we all went off to give him moral support, or was that to laugh at him. The show got quite humorous in the second half. The orange juices in the break helped to keep our concentration on the show. Brendanís cousin was also spotted on the stage, we saw quite a lot of her as she spent her most of her time in a bra type top, and bikepants. By Trudy

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Kea Day

When: Sunday 12th November
Where: Motomoana
Who: Darryn, Brendan, Trudy, Raewyn

Darryn and Brendan spent most of the morning looking after a BBQ , taking $1 from anyone who put one near them. Trudy and Raewyn spent the morning at the train station, lining kids and their parents up, seating them and handing out milky ways. It was a bit of a nightmare because keas don't have much concept of what it means to stay behind the cones. Even their parents had a bit of a problem comprehending. Those that did understand came up with the brilliant idea of moving the cone and themselves forward. Queuing is also something which Keas have a bit of trouble with - maybe someone should teach them a bit of Computer Science (First in First out). The rest of the afternoon was spent looking after the cow, or the baby chickens or making Windmills.
The baby chickens had a real hard time of it, all those little kea hand poking them and prodding them and dropping them on the ground. Mother hen didn't seem too distressed about misplacing her babies, but even when she tucked them safely under her wing for a little nap, an extremely rude kea would manage to prise him/herself into the cage to pluck a poor chick from under Mum's wing into the cold, hard world. The windmills were really fun to make - Darryn made a really pretty one with jagged edges. We had more fun making them ourselves that the keas did I think. Especially Raewyn who made a really cool one that went fastest of anybody's.
By Raewyn and Trudy

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CCS Collecting

When: Wednesday 15th November
Where: Ranui
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Darryn

A photos of Raewyn and Brendan collecting

Again we did Ranui and again we did our best with our miserable 4 people. Raewyn was a bit sick, so her and Brendan didn't stay too long. Trudy and Darryn stayed a bit longer.
"Hi I'm collecting for CCS, formerly the Crippled Children's Society. Would you like to give a donation?"
Translation : "Hand over your cash or your conscious will haunt you forever about poor kids stuck in wheelchairs".
"I don't have any money in the house sorry."
Translation : "I'm a stingy bastard and even though I'm loaded I prefer to keep it to myself."
"Ok, thanks anyway"
Translation : "Thanks for absolutely nothing."
On the positive side:
"All I've got in my purse is 3 dollars. Is that enough?"
Translation : "I'm a caring person who thinks of others."
"That's fine! Thanks!"
Translation : "What a wonderful person you are!! I hope great things come to you!!"
By Raewyn

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CCS Counting

When: Thursday 23rd November
Where: ANZ Building in Town
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Karlene, Jeff, Trudy, Tasha

We went to the ANZ building again to count some cash. Well actually we just sorted it out into icecream containers. Tasha got a cheque for $300 and so won the prize for the biggest single donation - it was a bottle of nice wine. Trudy won the raffle and got a scrumptious hamper donated by the Sultan of Brunei. Weird things we found - bulldog clip, ear rings, foreign coins and others. We were well fed - they gave us free drinks - coke, lemonade, orange juice and all sorts. We got pizza for dinner - mmmm Dial a Dinos smoked Chicken was the favourite but there was a big variety. It was more like Pizza Hut all you can eat dinner than service!
By Raewyn

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Cocktail Party

When: Saturday 2nd December
Where: Roskill Den
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Karlene, Trudy, Jeff, Eugenie, Darryn

A photo of us in our masks
Brendan and his beauties

Roskill put on another Doozy of a party for us. It was a masquerade ball and all of Waitakere got into the spirit. Brendan with his Don Juan costume was most dashing. As the night got on and those drinks got downed a few of us started to get a bit worse for wear. Those who were moderately sober enjoyed themselves to the max though! The music was really good and we all got down into the boogy of things. Brendan and Eugenie let down our crew's sober image and each had their turn at leaning over the balcony. At the end of the night we had to take Eugenie home and put her to bed - she was feeling pretty sick. Brendan wasn't feeling too hot either and poor Raewyn had to deal with him. But for the rest of us it was a really good time. Here's a little hint though - you should make food available before everyone gets so sick that they just vomit it up after a few minutes.
By Raewyn

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Aborta Contorta

When: Friday 8th December - Sunday 10th December
Where: Tongariro National Park
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Brendan, Darryn

Background Information on Mt Ruapehu
Pulling Pines on Ruapehu from Forest and Bird Magazine

A photo of pulling out pine trees

Aborta Contorta is a big mission run by DOC (Departement of Conservation) to get rid of pine trees in Tongariro National Park. They are generally a nuisance in the area since they put the Native flora in danger.

We had set off down the motorway, but oh no, we'd forgotten the tapes. So of course we went back to get them. We arrived at the ranger station, collected the key and then off to the hut. Just as we were drifting off to sleep, the Hillcrest Party arrived. Up nice and early the next morning, and we were off to the forest. We walked in to the tent site, set up home, and then it was off to work. We lined up with a distance of about 2 metres between us the next person. We walked up and down the mountain twice, and all we had to do, was if we saw a pine tree, pull it out. The ground was covered with what we were told was ash, but the mountain (just our luck) wasn't erupting as we were there in those few months that Ruapehu was having a break.

We got really sunburnt and very tired. Nice view from the top, and good exercise. I don't think Hillcrest are much into the fitness stuff though. But then it's pretty hard to pull pine trees out when you are holding hands with your boyfriend. Only one of the Hillcrest bunch ended up staying the night with our wonderful company. The rest had to get back to Auckland. Well the next day we scoured land that was close to home, and fixed up a patch that we had missed the day before. The least fit of us were in very bad shape due to a range of ailments including sunburnt and swollen legs and painful knees. NOTE:- It's easy to get lost when the people in front of you walk at a great pace. As you see we were sometimes delayed because of loss of bodies. The ranger guy didn't seem too happy when we lagged behind - but we could only try our hardest. On the home trip Trudy got into a flower mood. She forced Darryn to pull over on the side of the road to pick one of the pretty purple flowers over the hillside. Then in Taumaranui she forced us to take a walk in the rose gardens. I suppose it's good to stop and smell the roses every now and then. Overall we were very well paid for this trip.
By Raewyn and Trudy

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Log Book and Screen Printing Day

When: Sunday 17th December
Where: Rae's House
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Darryn, Karlene, Trudy

This was the day after Rae's 21st, so we were a bit zonked out. We gave everyone something to write about, and they sat down and wrote. Raewyn typed them in. Not exactly the large scale operation we had planned, but we got about 6 out of the way. We had a nice lunch of 21st leftovers and set about our screen printing. We cut the stencil out of cardboard and used our wonderful screen which we made ourselves and were very proud of. We had the T-Shirts ready. No one had ever screen printed before so it was a learning experience. The first one wasn't too bad - the paid wasn't very bright though. So we tried another. The paint smudged a bit in places because the cardboard had wrinkled. We patched it up and decided it looked quite OK. We couldn't be bothered doing anymore though because it would mean making another screen. But now we have 2 Rover T-Shirts which we can proudly announce "We did this".
By Raewyn

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Christmas Party

When: Saturday 23rd December
Where: Rae's House
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Darryn, Karlene, Trudy, Tasha, Jeff

Jingle Bells, jingle bells . . . . We had a shared lunch of pasta, fish 'n chips and cream donuts. That's what happens when you tell everyone to bring something. We gave out our presents and opened them. Everyone got something fitting for their mentality. Raewyn got a toy telephone that played musical tunes and a kangaroo to paint. Jeff got some little weird toys. Trudy got some Xmas socks. Tasha got a little bottle of alcohol. Brendan got a shot glass with "Horny little devil" written on the side. Karlene got a Little Mermaid paper doll book and a spirograph. Darryn got a toy car. We spent a little while playing with our new toys. Karlene had lots of fun with her paper dolls. She must have been deprived in her childhood. Raewyn and Darryn set about fixing the musical phone (the 1 didn't work which makes it hard to play 3 blind mice) by using a bit of ingenuity and a bit of tinfoil. After they'd got to it the 1 worked perfectly - the only problem was that it wouldn't stop working. Every note was followed by a 1 note. It still goes off sometimes during the middle of the night, so I had to stuff it in my drawer where I can't hear it. One day I'll get around to fixing it for good. Anyway I digress. We got very bored after a while. We were going to go to the beach, but the weather wasn't too good which squished that plan a bit. Darryn and Karlene still wanted to go to the beach, but no one else did. We finally decided to go to a movie. So we saw Clueless. We though it was quite good. Except Darryn of course who thought it was a load of crap. But he says that about most movies he sees. Then we said "Merry Christmas" to each other and parted ways.
By Raewyn

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