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2nd January 1995 - 4th June 1995

Onemana Holiday and Roof Painting

When: January 2nd - January 5th
Where: Onemana Batch
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Karlene, Jeff, Darryn

A photo of us painting the roof
A photo of us riding the scooters

The crew's treasurer's parents have a beach house at Onemana on the Coromandel Peninsular. This house had a roof that needed painting, so in return for painting it her parents offered us free accommodation and food for a week. And since we could only paint while the roof was cool, we could only paint early in the morning and in the evening which left the day free. According to the Scout Law we must use our time wisely. So as the good Scouts we are, we did. We spent the days swimming, hiring motor scooters and shopping in Whangamata. We spent the evenings watching TV, drinking, playing cards and board games.
By Brendan

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Tramping & BBQ

When: Sunday 15th January
Where: Piha & Trudy's Place (respectively)
Who: Trudy, Darryn, Karlene, Jeff, Brendan, Raewyn & joined by Karlene's brother & sister for the BBQ
Why: So Raewyn could try out her new tramping boots

This was another pleasant walk through the Waitakere Ranges (not the Waitakere Rovers). Raewyn had just got some new tramping boots so she had to try them out. She was informed to full them up with water, so spent much of the time squishing around. Jeff took a refreshing swim in the waterfall pond - he must have a fetish for freezing cold water. We came across a wasps nest and had to walk within a few feet of it to get past. The tough, brave guys handled this with ease, but Raewyn, who has a very rational fear of wasps wouldn't get past until she was adequately protected - hence the lovely outfit in the photo.
Afterwards we decided it was a nice day for a barbie. Karlene invited her Brother and Sister who in 10 or so years might be prospective members, and we sizzled up our sizzlers, and then took a nice dip in Trudy's ever so warm spa.
By Raewyn

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Cricket CCS Collecting

When: Sunday 22nd January, Sunday 19th February
Where: Eden Park
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Brendan, Darryn, Tasha
Why: Handing out competition entry forms, and collecting them back

Us at the cricket

The weather didn't look too great early on in the day. It was the day of the first one day cricket match between New Zealand and West Indes, and it had been raining all night. The morning looked a little brighter, but be prayed that the rain wouldn't start. Our first duty at Eden Park was to hand out little green pieces of paper. These were entry forms for the Top Scorer competition. The person who picked the correct top scorer of the second innings and the number of runs would win $1000. The pressure was on, as in the last match, CCS had lost about $250. It looked like they weren't going to do much better this time when the rain started, stopping the play. The next task for us was trying to encourage people to enter the competition and give us their $2. Unfortunately, people were very hesitant to enter because of the uncertainty of the future of the game.
Trudy and Darryn were stuck in the terraces, with the drunken hoons. Trudy practically fell down on her knees pleading with anyone to enter, and getting into a few arguments about why CCS changed their name from the Crippled Children's Society. Raewyn and Brendan were assigned the Cricket Club area. This exclusive area obviously housed the 'upper class' of the cricket fans, and they were enthusiastically parting with their $2 coins all over the place. At the start of the second innings when the competition closed, the number of entries were tallied, and it was announced that CCS would just break even. We were left to watch the second innings with a free conscience. To our disgust, the rain started again with about 10 overs to go. West Indes were declared the winners due to a 'superior run rate'. Trudy, our avid cricket fan was determined to collect the autographs of the 'spunks' of the NZ cricket team, so we made our way to the west stand and trampled our way over the little kids, determined to fight our way to the front to get a close up look at Danny Morrison. Trudy was overjoyed at getting five spunks to sign the front of her T-Shirt (Danny, Dipak Patel, Brian Young, Justin Vaughn and someone else who had a particularly messy signature but who we guessed must be Richard de Greoun). We waited a while hoping that the spunky Shane Thompson (Raeywn's second cousin - unfortunately she's never met him) would come out, but he can't have been up to facing screaming fans that day.
By Raewyn

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Motuora Trip

When: Friday 10th February - Sunday 12th February
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Darryn, Karlene, Jeff
Where: Motuora Island (near Kawau)
Why: Our continuing service on Motuora and Kawau Islands

A display of strength
A display of laziness
A display of driving ability

The first thing Raewyn literally did when she stepped on the wharf was to trip over an invisible object and sprain her ankle. At first everyone thought she was just putting it on to get out of the work. Brendan (so loving) complained when she used the ice pack to apply to her foot. Him and Trudy had a very bad go at putting on a bandage (unfortunately this was before the first aid course). However when her foot came up in lovely shades of blue and black she was suddenly showered with sympathy. Anyway, getting on with the story, our job on Motuora this year was to light fires and burn off recently felled trees. Our crew contains a few pyromaniacs, so this job went down quite well. It was hard work in the heat, but we were rewarded by the wonderful swimming. Our first attempt at drag net fishing yielded 48 fish (some of them of a semi decent size), even though we were told that we had done it completely wrong. The Ranger and his family joined us for a campfire on Saturday night, where we cooked up eight of our fish. The weekend was a burning (pun intended) success. Even though we did some hard work, we felt like we were having a holiday because the water was beautifully warm and we went for plenty of swims.
By Raewyn

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First Aid Course

When: Tuesday nights, February 14th - April 4
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Karlene
Where: Waitakere College Community Education

Our tutor was a cool guy (Frank) who was very good at making us remember stuff. Our first real class (the 2nd week) was CPR and mouth to mouth on the dummies. Between each person the dummies mouth got cleaned with alcohol wipes but unfortunately it wasn't strong enough to affect us.
The most memorable class was when we saw lots of gory, bloody body parts in a slide presentation and discussed what first aid measures to be taken (apart from throwing up and running away). We also learned about burns, broken bones - especially necks & skulls - heart attacks shock, hypothermia, asthma, and much more interesting stuff that I can't remember anymore.
At the end of the course we had a TEST (boo, hiss) which was actually quite easy, and we all passed.
By Karlene

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Aquatic Park and Helensville Pub

When: Friday 24th February
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Karlene, Jeff, Darryn, Trudy, Tasha, Andrea
Where: Aquatic Park and Helensville Pub
Why: Monthly social

Once upon a time at some distant hot pools on the far out skirts of North Auckland at a little town named Parakai the Waitakere Rovers gathered for a swim & a BBQ. The water was hot and so was the company. After a pre dinner swim we ate like Kings & Queens on heat on a feast of steaks, bread and chips. We all splashed around for a while and then we decided to get back in the water for a swim. As the summer night slipped into a blood red sunset and the darkness cloaked the sky, the Waitakere Rovers slipped into something more comfortable - an Alpha and a Datsun - and sped off to Helensville tavern for a few noisy drinks and some quiet conversation. A band started up and scared us half out of our partners as we downed another round. While the night was still young we hopped into our trolly carts as could not stand on two legs and drove ourselves home. And then we decided to start the engine and took ourselves home, another action packed day completed.
By Darryn

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When: Sunday 26th February
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Brendan, Darryn
Where: Auckland Domain
Why: To sell ice-creams for the Auckland Area Rovers

Mummy Mummy can I have an Icecream

Pushing ice cream/block trolley
Taking money
Replying with change and refreshment
Afterwards . . .
Roar Roar Bubble Plop
Volcanoes and Giants
Scary dude.
Found a friend 'Ag',
at 'Insects in Drawers'
By Trudy

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Bays Birthday Celebrations

When: Friday 3rd March - Sunday 5th March
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Karlene, Brendan, Darryn, Jeff
Where: Bay's Rover Den
Why: To celebrate Bays fifth Birthday

A photo of the girls in their uniforms
A photo of us on the bus

Bays Rover Crew had turned 5 years old, and had a 'Back to School' weekend. We were told that school uniform was COMPULSORY during school hours, but after putting our very attractive uniforms on to go to the zoo, we felt a little uncomfortable when we saw that nobody else was wearing theirs (except Sherie).
However, we decided to be brave and look stupid anyway. The zoo was fun, we went into the 'Farm' and saw all the small animals, got our picture taken and thought about leaving some of the Rovers behind (inside the cages of course).
Then it was off to McDonalds for lunch, where we got our faces painted by some very patient McDonalds staff.
After that we went to the movies (still with painted faces) to see the Lion King, and made quite a spectacle - lots of strange looks from kids & their parents. When we got back to the den we had a raging night of Oom Pa.
The next morning we played mini golf then there were reports for everyone and some prizes.
The Waitakere Rover crew got the prize for best dressed - the bubble blowing set almost made up for our embarrassment.
By Karlene

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When: Friday 17th March
Who: Darryn, Trudy, Raewyn, Brendan, Karlene, Peter, Tasha, Janet Catto
Where: Whenuapai Scout Den

It was time for our Annual General Meeting, so all the persuns of our Rovering company gathered together at the Whenuapai chronologically inexperienced but morally enhanced persuns Whare, along with Janet Catto who kindly agreed to come since all others were engaged in enriching their souls and other deep and meaningful activities. The Whare was situated on grounds of disharmonic officers, which interfered with our Synergy somewhat, but we went on with our conference anyway. All decisions were reached by coming to a consensus - if any one persun was conforministically unsound then we all took time out to listen intently to that persuns differing perspective and tried to see the world as a whole.
By Raewyn

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Waitakere City Festival

When: Saturday 18th March
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Brendan
Where: Corban's Wine Estate
Why: Publicity

Raewyn and Trudy went up the road to buy a piece of cardboard to stick some pictures to and wrote some rovering information with a vivid on bits of paper. A very good start at publicity, but we decided that next year we will bring our computer and multimedia presentation.
Trudy had to go early but Raewyn and Brendan stayed around to help the kids make really big bubbles. It was a bit of a thrill when Bob Harvey walked over the stick bridge.

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Iron Man

When: Sunday 19th March
Who: Darryn, Tasha, Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy
Where: Mission Bay
Why: Traffic Marshalling

Our Job - Protect the runners from the cars. Details - Posted at three different sites around the running track, we gave encouragement to the runners, and scornful looks to some of the misbehaving car traffic, especially those that wish to turn across the traffic when they are told they aren't allowed to do so. Our main excitement for the day, was when the Police gave a ticket (and a telling off) to a naughty driver, who was thoughtless to the runners. At the end of the race, we decided to show our stuff, by running to the finish line. We Made It. That's enough of the Iron Man for me, I was stuffed. Darryn bought a bicycle which brought with it contact with the others on the other posts, and a bit of stimulating exercise as well.
Conclusion - No runner died, from being hit by a car, but ....
By Trudy

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Have a Ball Day

When: Sunday 26th March
Who: Raewyn, Karlene, Brendan, Darryn, Trudy
Where: Bay's Den

The thoughts were there but the people were absent, well their wasn't many venturers anyway. But lack of Venturers didn't prevent Waitakere from participating, and Having a Ball. Even if it was water fights (directed mainly to Karlene, as she has the best reactions). No one played our game, which was Dodge Ball, however the extra large inflatable ??? and water bombs seemed to dominate the Ball games.
By Trudy

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Overnight Tramp

When: Saturday 1st April - Sunday 2nd April
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Brendan, Darryn
Where: Anawata Stream

A photo of us tramping
An interesting diversion

Yes, It had been raining for the past week, and it might still rain in the weekend, but that didn't deter the enthusiastic (Rain or Shine trampers). I'll add here, that it didn't rain, and the paths were not muddy.
Twas a big hike, with full day packs, and Raewyn's knobbly knees - but us enthusiasts made it to the campsite, in time for a nice cold cool off in the pond (Ps. Brendan - white underwear are see through when they get wet). Had a nice cooked dinner over our little Microwave ovens, and Spent the night in our luxury bed suites. Well tents and Spam sound a bit like that :-) . Set out early in the morning, for the hike back to civilisation, and ended with a nice warm swim in the lake (well when you take the soap for a swim, I suppose you should really call it a bath). Note: one thing guys are good for is carrying packs.
By Trudy

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Ley's Camping Competition

When: Saturday 8th April
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Brendan, Darryn
Where: Piha
Why: Judges

We got up really really early in the morning and arrived in the middle of the bush around 8.30 am. The whether hadn't been too brilliant lately, so we had prepared ourselves for 8 hours in the bush in the pouring rain by stocking up on food and shelter. Because of the shortage of judges, we had to face the day on our own, and one of us was assigned to a posting each. Trudy was the judge of the 'full the bucket to the top with water using only a sock and a condom' post, Darryn got the push ups, Brendan made sure that everyone had a rain coat, and Raewyn was the judge of the 'putting you sleeping shelter up upside down' competition. In the morning, the whether wasn't too bad. Raewyn spent half an hour putting her tent fly up in a nice little clearing (quite a difficult task for one person really, but it was a very nice shelter when it was erected). Trudy was rather less prepared, with only a ground sheet sans poles or ropes. Her impromptu shelter consisted of throwing her groundsheet randomly over a few convenient vines beside the river. The venturer units flowed through in the morning with two or three at a time. They were rather perplexed at having to put their tents up the wrong way, but with a bit of lateral thinking, most managed the task perfectly. Getting water in the bucket with a sock was also challenging - until they discovered the condom hidden inside. Darryn did a fine job of counting those push- ups. Brendan's raincoat checking had come to an end in an hour or so, so he helped Rae and Darryn out for the rest of the morning. At 11.30 it was time for Raewyn and Trudy to swap posts (a prearranged agreement to maximise sustained interest). This point happened to also be about the time that the through traffic decreased to nil - all the units had passed this point of the course. So Raewyn sat under Trudy's makeshift shelter by the river (quite peaceful really until it started raining) and did a larger proportion of her 'Computer Language Implementation' assignment. Trudy should have been doing the same but after five minutes of reading her text, she fell asleep in comfort under the brilliantly erected fly sheet. The rest of the afternoon was spent quietly, and no one else came through for the afternoon. At 4.30, our knock off time, we walked out (by this time it had got really muddy - unfortunately for Trudy who had worn her best shoes forgetting that rain + bush + lots of people = mud) at drove to Piha were we deposited our judging sheets.
By Raewyn

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Scout Easter Camp

When: Saturday 15th April
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Darryn, (Brendan)
Where: Hobsonville Air Base

We were asked by Brendan's Scout group if we could spend some time at the Easter Camp helping out a bit. We were never really sure what they expected us to do, and they weren't either. So we wore of old scraggly 'Waitakere Rovers' T-shirts hoping to generate some PR. The camp was rather unorganised in itself, and we could see no way of helping, so we decided to instead take a flight which the base was running for the scouts at the time. Darryn took a lovely glider flight and Rae and Brendan went for a fly in a little plane. Quite fun really.
By Raewyn

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ANZAC Dawn Parade

When: Tuesday 25th April
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Darryn, Karlene, Jeff
Where: Auckland Domain

As usual we arrived in the cold, wet and dark to the Auckland Domain after getting up at an unearthly time of the morning (5.00am). Due to our superior knoweldge of parking in the domain we got a surprsingly close park. This year we weren't too late, we did in fact get to see something of the parade. We even remembered our umbrellas.
Afterwards we were supplied with a nice hot breakfast and then we went home to bed (well I did anyway).
By Raewyn

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Cocktail Party

When: Saturday 29th April
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Darryn, Karlene, Trudy, Jeff, Tasha
Where: Roskill Den

We look a bit happy in this photo

"Burp, Ah, Get me to the toilet ". Well none of the sick stuff for Waitakere, we didn't get totally out of it.
When there are Orgasms going round and Fluffy Ducks, were in the party mood. Chips and dip make great snacks as well. Darryn our trusty driver, chauffeured us all around in his dads big car. So luckily we didn't have to stay the night with the extra company. "Blah, Where the bleep is that blanking toilet".
By Trudy

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Weeding Moire Park

When: Sunday 30th April, Saturday 20th May, Saturday 29th July
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Brendan, Darryn
Where: Moire Park
Why: On going More Park service

We contacted the Waitakere City council to ask them if we could have a go at making the parks of our area a bit nicer. They said we could do some work on Moire park. The nice man told us of their plans to update the place and gave us an idea of what we could do. We spent several weekends there picking up rubbish and pulling out noxious weeds.
By Raewyn

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Dean's Going Away Party

When: Sunday 30th April
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Darryn, Brendan
Where: Dean's House
Why: To say goodbye to Dean

Sniff. Dean's going.
Bye, we'll miss you.
Far off places, wonderful experiences.
Have a good time.
Hope you remember us.
We liked you Dean, you were nice.
Come back soon.
By Raewyn

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When: Friday 5th May
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Brendan, Darryn
Where: Village 8 New Lynn
What: Robb Roy

Distressing - is the word that I use to describe this movie. Rape scenes don't bring the heart too much comfort, or pleasure. But great acting and good story line. Does this sound like a film review?
Well, its a good social event, as you don't have to communicate to each other for 2 hours, sounds like Formal Rover meetings, doesn't it guys :-)
By Trudy

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Trees For Babies

When: Saturday 6th May
Who: Brendan, Darryn, Raewyn, Trudy, Karlene
Where: Moire Park
Why: BBQ and to help the mothers plant trees

We were there to do our job, but whoops last minute onion and serviette dash. Oh well, we'll be better next time. We found out that we weren't a Monopoly as we had been told, but rather that we had competition. It was the ladies with Babies - Plunket, who also had decided to have a BBQ, and who were much better prepared than us. However we were there full of enthusiasm, and prepared to help all the ladies and the babies in the planting of trees. This event was to celebrate the great number of Babies born in the Massey Ward, and was organised by the Waitakere City Council. Not a bad idea, and it was good experience for us at BBQs. It was extra nice of the council to donate the sausages to us. We even made a profit.
By Trudy

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Roskill Games Night

When: Saturday 6th May
Who: Brendan, Darryn, Raewyn, Karlene, Jeff, (Trudy)
Where: Roskill Den

We played some games with Roskill. They included Trivial Pursuit, Pool, Darts and a few others. Firstly though, we had a nice BBQ. Mmmmm what lovely dessert (provided by Waitakere of course) Thanks for the fun night Roskill!
By Raewyn

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Couch Potato Night

When: Friday 26th May
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Darryn, Karlene, Tasha, Jeff
Where: Brendan's House
What: Watch a video and have a shared dessert

We were pretty indulgent. Ice cream, chocolate-mint topping, chocolate fondue with fruit and marshmallows and other extremely yummy things to eat. We then watched the video "The Three Musketeers" which most of us had seen before. But that didn't stop us from getting a bit annoyed when Karlene told us what was going to happen next. I don't think it was really Darryn's kind of video (but then what is?) because he kept on falling asleep. But it was a really fun time - a brilliant idea for a social.

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Woodhill Forest Marshalling

When: Sunday 4th June
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Darryn
Where: Woodhill forest
Why: Fundraising

We got a call from a motor car group who asked us if we'd collect money for them for a car event - with some money as an incentive. We agreed - it was quite good pay for very easy work. We just asked for money from each car that zoomed past the gate. Rae and Brendan had to get up really early though - for a weekend.
By Raewyn

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