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8th October 1994 - 31st December 1994

Henderson Anniversary Parade Marshalling & BBQ

When: Saturday 8th October
Where: Henderson
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Peter, Tasha, Chris, Darryn
Why: 100th anniversary of the landing of Thomas Henderson

It was a brilliant sunny day with blue skies as far as the eye could see. Adorned in our uniforms, we set off to do our duties in aiding the Police and several voluntary organisations in keeping the order while nearly 100 floats and several brass bands drifted past.
By Raewyn

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Tree Planting

When: Saturday 15th October
Where: Motomoana
Who: Darryn, Brendan, Chris, Trudy, Jeff, Karlene

This was a while ago. All I remember is that I was studying for an exam so I couldn't attend. It had something to do with showing Cubs how to plant trees I think.

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Ten Pin Bowling

When: Friday 21st October
Where: Lincoln Road SuperStrike
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Darryn, Jeff, Karlene

We had a legacy of Ten Pin Bowling discount tickets from Angel, so we decided to use them. You can look at the score sheet to see how we did. Jeff got the highest overall score so we'll say that he won.
By Raewyn

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Ron Ashley Day

When: Sunday 6th November
Where: Motomoana
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Peter, Darryn
Why: Log Book awards presentation and service

Taking precious time of from studying during their examinations, Raewyn and Trudy graced the Auckland Rovers with their presence accompanied by Peter and Brendan. Darryn turned up a few hours later due to a Cub camp. We were a little surprised not to see Karlene and Jeff, who had confirmed their attendance, but we found out later that they had in fact turned up - for a whole two minutes - before they left due to the fact that they couldn't find the rest of us (we were a little late). The highlight of the day for us was the presentation of the Ron Ashley trophy which, beyond all our wildest expectations, we won. The rest of the afternoon was spent mutilating trees in a nearby paddock. Rae and Trudy spent their time taking turns to operate the log splitter, while Brendan had fun letting out his destructive urges with the chainsaw.
By Raewyn

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Guy Fawkes

When: Monday 7th November
Where: Brendan's House
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Tasha, Karlene, Jeff, Darryn, Chris

Sizzle sizzle yum yum
Bang bang - flying, dazzling beautiful colours.
Scream!!!! Rocket on the loose. Jeff's fault.
Lucky rockets will be banned with reflect.
By Raewyn

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CCS Collections

When: Wednesday 16th November
Where: Ranui
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Tasha, Darryn, Chris

A photo of Raewyn and Brendan collecting

We met at the Ranui Train Station at 6 o'clock, to try to cover as much of Ranui as possible with our limited resources. We did pretty well considering we had only 6 people. Raewyn and Brendan got a nice suburb where people gave quite a bit of money. They other were not so lucky. By Raewyn

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CCS Counting

When: Wednesday 23rd, Friday 25th, Monday 28th November
Where: ANZ Building, CCS Headquarters
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Tasha, Brendan

On Wednesday the 23rd, all four of us arrived at the ANZ building in town to start our money counting career. We, and about 50 others, spent the evening surrounded by money of every imaginable denomination. Our job was not actually in the arithmetic division, but more a sorting and categorising task. The four of us sat around one table, and the 'runners' brought us a big bag, full of little bags, full of envelopes, full of money. We had to empty the big bag, rip open the smaller plastic bags and empty of the envelopes. Then we had to open the envelopes and empty their contents onto the table. At this point, we divided the complete contents into denominations, which we deposited in ice cream containers. When we had completed this, we put our hands up and the 'runners' collected the icecream containers, and brought us another bag. In the midst of the atmosphere of the room, our adrenalin pumped as our hands were kept busy opening, sorting, dropping. Added to the excitement of the moment were the competitions running. There was a prize for the person who opened the largest single donation, the person who found the strangest object in their envelope, the group who got the back with the least amount of money in it, the most interesting coin etc. We came close to the largest donation with a $100 cheque, but were foiled at the last moment when someone found a $200 cheque. Our array of interesting items was a bit on the thin side - although we found a hair clip, a ninja turtle coin and some Tea Coupons. Someone had gotten their charities and had deposited an SPCA envelope. We also found an interesting array of foreign coins from every imaginable part of the world (Fiji, New Caledonia, Australia, USA to name just a few). Afterwards, the volunteers were treated to a free dinner of fish and chips and all the soft drink we could guzzle. We enjoyed ourselves so much, that Raewyn, Trudy and Tasha offered to come back again to help finish the counting (many of the bags had not yet been collected). So the next Friday, Rae, Trudy and Tasha arrived at the CCS headquarters in town at 12.30pm (fortunately it was during the Uni holidays) to continue the job. We found ourselves with a slightly different, and more brain taxing, task this time. We actually had to use our fingers (and occasionally toes too) to count the money in each big bag, and record the total. This time there were only half a dozen of us involved in the task. They must have liked us so much that they invited us back again on Monday. This time our task changed yet again. After a few hours of counting, we were told that the rest of the money would be counted by counting machines. All we had to do was to bundle notes, and separate cheques and recept requests.
By Raewyn

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Chris' Leaving Party

When: Sunday 27th November
Where: Brendan's House
Who: Chris, Darryn, Raewyn, Brendan, Trudy, Tasha, Karlene, Jeff
Why: Chris leaving for a bike tour of the South Island, then to Australia

Bye Chris, sniff sniff.
We'll miss you.
Have a nice time.
Too bad Raewyn spelt your name wrong on your goodbye cake.
But it tasted good anyway.
Treasure that beautiful knife we gave you.
Remember us.
By Raewyn.

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BBQ at Okahu Bay

When: Sunday 4th December
Where: Okahu Bay
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Brendan, Karlene, Jeff, Darryn

We played volley ball and ate the scrummy food which someone had kindly cooked up. A nice relaxing evening on the whole.
By Raewyn

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Rover Introduction

When: Wednesday 7th December
Where: Trudy's House
Who: Raewyn, Trudy, Darryn, Brendan, Tasha, Allistair Howard

Allistair came around to Trudy's house to tell us all about Rovers. We'd been members for a few years but no one really bothered to tell us much about what was meant to be going on. We got a sneak preview of the Rover Video and had a bit of a laugh. It was most helpful.
By Raewyn

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SPCA Volunteer work

When: Sunday 18th December
Where: Mangere SPCA
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Darryn, Trudy, Karlene, Jeff

A photo of us and those cute kitties

We contacted the SPCA to offer our services in animal care. They were glad to take us on for the day, since they were in the middle of their busy period. Our activities for the day included walking dogs, cleaning litter boxes, looking after infectious cats and (most fun of all) keeping a group of 6 week old amused for an hour or so. Even the most avid animal hater would have to adore these cute little fur balls. We let them free, one cage at a time, to give them a bit of exercise and life skills experience. We assigned ourselves the task of official kitten educators, and wiggled our shoe laces for them to pounce on, threw little tingling balls for them to chase, made sure they kept out of mischief and most importantly, gave them heaps of cuddles and affection. As you can imagine, this task kept us alert for a while. There were a few tears in our eyes when we had to leave those little kittens mewing desperately in their cages 'Let me out! Let me out!'.
By Raewyn

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Christmas Dinner

When: Friday 23rd December
Where: Trudy's House
Who: Raewyn, Brendan, Karlene, Jeff, Trudy, Darryn, Chris

A photo of Darryn at the BBQ

We had a nice BBQ and then engaged in a present swap with Trudy's Dad playing Santa Claus. Some people came up with some pretty interesting presents - including the Bush Survival Kit that Darryn got complete with toilet paper, spade, tuna and 'make your own compass kit' (cork, magnet, needle). We then relaxed in Trudy's lovely spa.
By Raewyn

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