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1998 Self Development

Bike Ride

When? 26 January 1998
Where? Back roads of West Auckland
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Raewyn, Trudy

When we took the ferry to Devonport and went for a walk around, Trudy (principally) came up with the idea that we should go for a big bike ride as our next excursion. She got really quite excited about it and started planning our route. She seemed to think that we were all super athletes herself included. The planned route started at Rae's house in Massey roughly following the North Western motorway ie through Henderson, Te Atatu Sth, Pt Chev etc into the city where upon taking the ferry to Devonport and back to Massey via Takapuna, Glenfield, Greenhithe, Hobsonville etc, a good 60 or 70 Km ride.

However before the allocated date we had all decided that Trudy's plan was too ambitious, and instead Trudy requested a route with no hills (impossible considering that we live in Auckland). In the end we decided to follow Darryn through Taupaki to Huapai and back down state highway 16 and back to Massey. On the way we rode up some very big hills and sheltered from a rainstorm in Taupaki primary school (actually the rain had stopped by the time we got there and we were completely soaked). All and all it was a good trip and was about 40 km long and took 5 hours. You would think with all that modern technology they would have invented a comfortable seat!

By Brendan.

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Founder's Day Tramp

When? 21 February 1998
Where? Anawhata, Motumoana
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Eugenie, Karlene, Raewyn, Trudy, Nathan

We turned up at the time we were told, to the place we were told (8.30 on Anawhata Road), but there wasn't anyone there (we were meant to be helping out at bases for the tramp that Roskill organised for the Nihotipu Venturers). We were unsure of what was going on, and we couldn't get hold of anyone via cellphone, so we decided to walk down to the beach just in case we had misinterpreted the starting point. It was raining, and the rain got worse as we went down the hill, and we got rather wet, but luckily we had raincoats. At the bottom there was no sign of anyone, so we stopped for a rest (as one does in situations like this) under a big rock with an overhang. The rock also conveniently had a ledge, so we climbed up and looked at the misty view. After a while we decided to walk back up, which surprisingly was rather harder than walking down. Our raincoats made us very hot, so we ended up taking them off, just before the rain got worse of course. By the time we got to the top we were soaked through, and very dissapointed to see a bus which looked like it may have held a whole lot of Venturers at some stage (though no sign on them now). We left a note on the dirt in the side of the bus and were about to go home to get dry, when a car pulled up and out popped Ross Twyman and someone else from Roskill. This wasn't good news, because it meant that we had no reasonable excuse for going home, other than we were very wet. Ross informed us that we had been told wrongly, and it was meant to be 8.30 at Motumoana, not at Anawhata, which was why we were so early. We had the option of staying and doing something to help, but we convinced ourselves that they didn't really need our help, and since we were so wet, we just wanted to go home. So we did. After getting dry, we went to see a movie (it may have been 7 years in Tibet, though I'm not sure of that). Then we went to Motumoana, and had some of the spit roast dinner that Roskill had organised for the Venturers.

By Raewyn.

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