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1997 Scouting Events

BP Lodge Presentations

When? 25 February 1997
Where? Masonic Lodge
Who? Brendan, Chris, Raewyn, Trudy, Karlene

At late notice we were told of the award ceremony at the BP lodge. We headed out to the lodge, to be greeted by Masons. This was a new experience for some of us here. We were introduced to some of the members of the lodge, then we entered the hall for the award presentation. Yay! Waitakere Rover Crew won the shield for outstanding service to scouting and to the community. It was a brand new shield, and looked really impressive, even better because it had our name on it. Then we ate their food and drink, and socialised with everyone else there. Let's hope we can do just as well next year.

By Karlene and Trudy

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Chris' Investiture

When? 23 March 1997
Where? Statue
Who? Brendan, Chris, Darryn, Eugenie, Igor, Jo, Karlene, Phil, Raewyn, Rodney, Sam, Trudy

All were invited to the statue of Pioneer Vinter outside the Super Top to what turned out to be the wedding of the year.

Brendan presided over the vows but nobody gave me away. If I had of known it was a wedding I probably would have worn white.

The honeymoon is just beginning.

By Chris.

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Rover Day

When? 19 April 1997
Where? Motu Moana
Who? Brendan, Chris, Darryn, Eugenie, Karlene, Raewyn, Trudy

Me and Trudy were the Internet experts. We tried to hook up a network of computers but Jason (the other internet expert) couldn't get it to work. So we had 1 intenet enabled computer and 2 internet disabled computers (or should that be cyberly challenged?) Not many Venturers turned up (about 5) but there were plenty of Rovers to show off our web pages to. I'm not quite sure what the rest of our crew did - I was a bit preoccupied.

By Raewyn

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Church Parade

When? 27 July 1997
Where? Waimauku
Who? Brendan, Darryn, Karlene, Raewyn

Unfortunately we weren't late enough to Waimauku to miss out on the march down the main street. The service wasn't too boring - we got to sing 'Hallelujah' at the top of our lungs which was quite fun. The morning tea was really nice. Afterwards we went for a walk down Murawai beach.

By Raewyn

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