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Rovers are part of the Scout Association for young adults (boys and girls) aged between 18-26. What we do falls into three categories which are Social (Having Fun), Self Development (Doing Exciting Stuff to make us better people) and Service (doing helpful things for Scouts and the community). Rovers exists in many countries - I've heard of crews in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Malasyia, Brazil, Egypt and Finland - but I'm sure that there's heaps more that I don't know of.

Waitakere Rovers

We are a Rover group in West Auckland, New Zealand. We've been in existence for over 30 years (our 30th birthday was May 22 1997). Over the last few years we have won the Ron Ashley Shield (1994) (for Best Auckland Rover Crew), the Cameron Small Trophy (1995) (for Best Service to the Community), the BP Lodge Rover Crew service award (for best Scouting and Community Service) (1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999), the Nymph Trophy at the 1997 moot (for best mooting spirit from the female members of a crew), the Zulu Shield at the 1998 moot (for the best New Zealand crew). This site was the first ever New Zealand Rover Crew site on the web. In fact we were the first New Zealand Scout page of any kind on the web!

Joining our Crew

If you live in West Auckland and are aged 18-26, you are welcome to come and join us! Just email us to find out when our next activity is. To become a fully invested member it is required that you first attend 3 meetings as a "squire" to find out whether Rovers is really for you. After that we invest you (you must give the Scout promise and say that you'll do your best to be a good crew member), and you get one of our lovely scarves (yellow with a green trim). Each member of the crew pays around $20 a year as a registration fee (the exact fee is set at our AGM in April each year).
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