The Waitakere Rovers Kiwiness Quiz

Take this quiz to find out if you can consider yourself an honoury Kiwi.
Choose what you think is the best answer to each question. Remember: Read each question carefully and consider all alternatives before answering.

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The Quiz

58% got this question right
L&P ...
Keeps your car running smoothly
Has a distinctive lemon flavor
Is extracted from a mining operation on the West Coast of the South Island
Is popular with kids and costs 5c from the local dairy

78% got this question right
You would take your chilly bin ...
To the beach to keep the drinks cool
To the rugby match to apply to sprained ankles
Out of the freezer when it needs defrosting
Up to the gate on rubbish day

72% got this question right
Togs ...
Should be removed before walking into a marae
Are a must for the beach
Were very fashionable in the 70's but no one wears them now
Are handy for those hard to remove stains

75% got this question right
Tramping ...
Is not acceptable in middle class society
Is an easy way to get satisfaction
Is a good way to get fit while enjoying yourself
Requires special equipment and years of training

77% got this question right
What would you do with Marmite?
Spread it on your toast
Ignite it on Guy Fawkes Day
Squash it
Pump it up on the radio

64% got this question right
You are told to Bring a Plate so you ...
Spend the afternoon baking scones
Dust off the china
Grab a paper plate and a serviette
Make sure you have change in your pocket

62% got this question right
A sausage sizzle ...
Is a nice type of place to go for a family meal
Will supply you with tonight's dinner
Involves bread, onions and tomato sauce
Is a good method of fundraising
Both the third and fourth answers

44% got this question right
What words would you most associate with Opera in the Park?
High Class, Snobbish, Cultured
Crowds, Tip Top, Fireworks, Picnics
Kiri Te Kanawa, Expensive, Glistening Mountain Tops
Family, Community, Social, Amateur

50% got this question right
The Punga ...
Is a sturdy construction material
Gives off an interesting odour
Is home for the kiwi
Is a common sight when in the bush

29% got this question right
In New Zealand, the term Kiwi refers to ...
An extinct, 2m tall flightless bird
A fruit containing green flesh and brown skin
A small brown flightless bird
Someone who calls New Zealand their home
The second, third and fourth answers.
The third and fourth answer
The first and second answer

64% got this question right
The All Blacks ...
Really know how to swing those pois
Really know how to score a try
Really know how to bounce that ball
Really look good in those helmets

60% got this question right
Pav ...
Is a popular dessert
Is a popular comedian
Is an unpopular politician
Is a popular brand of butter

72% got this question right
Sir Edmund Hillary ...
Often sings duets with Dame Kiri T
Is a fondly remembered Prime Minister of the 1960's
Was the first to conquer Mt Everest
Is a fondly remembered entertainer

43% got this question right
Weetbix ...
Kids are Kiwi Kids
Not too heavy, not too light
Keeps you looking trim and healthy
Snap Crackle Pop

48% got this question right
Raewyn ...
Is the name of a male
Is the name of a female
Is the name of Maori Chief
The first and third answers.

61% got this question right
Morepork ...
Goes well with eggs for breakfast
Is extremely noxious and needs to be eliminated
Is the name of a Maori Chief
Is a cry often emitted at night by a bird also of this name

40% got this question right
If you live South of the Bombays ...
You probably need to ski to school in winter
You are very uncultured
You don't get a view of the Sky Tower
You're 2 hours behind the rest of NZ

57% got this question right
New Zealand is commonly called all of the following except ...
Land of the long white cloud

58% got this question right
In 1995, an eruption of Mt Ruapehu didn't cause ...
The early termination of the ski season for North Islanders
The evacuation of the lower North Island
An ash coating to be deposited over much of the North Island
Exaggerated International Coverage

67% got this question right
Rachel Hunter is not known for ...
Her modeling career
Her famous ex-husband
Her great intelligence
A Tip Top Trumpet ad