All New Scavenger Hunt

Round 91 Voting Results

These people voted:

Cindy's Here
Maureen Pierre
Tabbi Kat

Total Votes (5 points)

The first place with 18 votes over all the items goes to flying-leap

Second Place (4 points)

Second place with 17 votes over all the items goes to Tabbi Kat

Individual Photo Winners (2 points each)

These photos received at least a third of the votes for that item.

For Item scavenger1 (2.5 out of 7 votes):

On toast.... by flying-leap

For Item scavenger8 (3 out of 7 votes):

Hidden World by CMesker

For Item scavenger10 (2.5 out of 7 votes):

At the Playground by Tabbi Kat

For Item scavenger11 (4 out of 7 votes):

A gulp of cormorants.... by flying-leap

For Item scavenger12 (3 out of 7 votes):

Red Barn by Tabbi Kat

For Item scavenger13 (3.5 out of 7 votes):

World War I - 1917 by Tabbi Kat

For Item scavenger14 (2.5 out of 7 votes):

Turquoise by sallyNZ

For Item scavenger15 (2.5 out of 7 votes):

Quilting by Tabbi Kat