All New Scavenger Hunt

Round 82 Voting Results

These people voted:

Cindy's Here
Tabbi Kat

Total Votes (5 points)

The first place with 34.5 votes over all the items goes to phantomswife

Second Place (4 points)

Second place with 33.5 votes over all the items goes to ParkerRiverKid

Individual Photo Winners (2 points each)

These photos received at least a third of the votes for that item.

For Item scavenger1 (4 out of 9 votes):

Teacups by Cindy's Here

For Item scavenger3 (4.5 out of 9 votes):

Forces of Nature by ParkerRiverKid

For Item scavenger4 (4.5 out of 9 votes):

Boots on the Ground by ParkerRiverKid

For Item scavenger7 (4.5 out of 9 votes):

A Corner by Tabbi Kat

For Item scavenger8 (5.5 out of 9 votes):

Stay Weird. by Cindy's Here

For Item scavenger10 (3.5 out of 9 votes):

We're Way Downunder by sallyNZ

For Item scavenger11 (3.5 out of 9 votes):

The Wonder of Nature by phantomswife

For Item scavenger13 (3.5 out of 9 votes):

Don't Eat It! by Cindy's Here

For Item scavenger15 (3.5 out of 9 votes):

Bentley by ParkerRiverKid

For Item scavenger16 (4 out of 9 votes):

Tiffany Window by ParkerRiverKid

For Item scavenger18 (6 out of 9 votes):

Plandid by phantomswife

For Item scavenger19 (4 out of 9 votes):

Boxes by sallyNZ

Challenge (3 points)

The challenge winner is:



Tabbi Kat