All New Scavenger Hunt Photos Posted: Round 84

197 photos posted.

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Item 1: Christmas lights outdoors

Item 2: Something you walk by every day

Item 3: Something that starts with the first letter of your Flickr name

Item 4: 'Tis the season

Item 5: Under a tree

Item 6: Looking back – a photo of you from the past (school photo etc)

Item 7: Linked

Item 8: Window light

Item 9: Star

Item 10: Scarf

Item 11: Fill the frame with red and green (Christmas decorations not allowed)

Item 12: Frozen

Item 13: Flames

Item 14: A relic of personal interest from a time before your birth

Item 15: A black and white picture of your favourite tree or cactus

Item 16: Someone in a Santa hat

Item 17: Christmas baking

Item 18: A Christmas or seasonal window display

Item 19: Ribbons

Item 20: A piggy (or other) bank

Challenge: 4 things you wish you had invented

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