Wednesday 9th August 1916

It was a fine day. Russell & Connerley were going over to Ahomatariki where Jack is manager so I thought it a good time to go with them as I could not find my way by myself. We rode down the river to Henry Briscoe’s (a Half Caste) place, crossed the river and then climbed a very high hill in some places very steep, descending the other side to the other river close to Mr Hayes’ place (another Half Caste) and then going up the river, crossing it four times, passing Mr Metcalf’s place who has a nice large house and lots of outbuildings. Jack has a housekeeper named Miss Kurwell to whom Jack is engaged to be married. She seems a very nice person. Jack has working for him besides, Carpenter (a half caste) who does the carting and a boy named Terry. The men who came over with me returned to Tangihanga after lunch. The place is much improved since I was here 13 years ago, they have a snug 5 roomed house and the place is much clearer of logs and stumps.

While at Jack’s place I occupied my time in working in the garden, forking out docks & sorrell and burning them in a heap, getting out stones and carrying them out. Jack was building a Dairy near the house covering the sides and roof with asbestos sheets.