Wednesday 2nd May 1917

It was a fine day.

Mr Black, manager of the Te Araroa Farmers Trading Co rung up in the morning to say that the “Mako” was expected in either to day or tomorrow on her way to Auckland and that I had better get down to Te Araroa at once, so I packed up my things and said good bye to my friends whom I was sorry to leave, Jack, Lily & Ken Pearson were returning to Ahomatariki to day.

Fred Galbraith drove me down to Te Araroa in the buggy, on our way down we met the nurse Miss Houghton & her assistant riding up to Tangihanga we arrived at Te Araroa at 2pm put up the horses in McKeddie’s stable and gave them a feed and went and had dinner at the Hotel and engaged a bed room for the night.

Got the mail from the Post Office and made some purchases at the Trading Company.