Wednesday 24th April 1918

It was a fine day and the ground is drying up.

Charlie Wyatt came to drill the Western Wolts in the ploughed ground.  Willie took the horse and trap down to the wharf and hauled up the seed and the phospate which is drilled along with the seed.

In the morning I planted in the three corner bed, some bulbs of Vallotta or Scarborough Lily, also 1 Doz Renunculus &
2 Doz Anemones.

In the afternoon I took bags over to Duncan Mathesons and got sand, had afternoon tea there,  Dan Kempt brought me and my sand over to the wharf and hauled it up to our gate.  I got the bread and meat from the steamer, and I posted a parcel of bulbs to Lily.
There was a Debate in the Hall in the evening on ‘Is Tea harmful or not.  Willie & Grace went.