Wednesday 16th February 1916

It was a very fine in the morning. I got up early and picked my flowers for the Show before breakfast. Willie took his cow & Heifers down, and I went down to arrange my collection of flowers.

It was a Patriotic Show, not many prizes were given and all the takings were given to the Sick & Wounded Soldiers fund. I had lunch at Archie Dunnings and afterwards went down to meet the Steamer coming from Auckland. Mr Woods came up by her. The Warkworth town Band was in attendance. I got 1st Prize for my flowers, Willie got 2nd Prize for Collectn Fruit, 3rd Prize for Kate, 1st for Frinmie & 2nd Prize Pansy. Grace got several Prizes.

It came on to rain steadily in the afternoon and we came home for tea and did not go down again. There was no concert but an auction sale and a Dance. Mr Woods came and staid at our place.