Wednesday 15th March 1916

It was a fine day, but the wind has changed to the SE and there is every indication of rain.

Willie was picking Peas, he carted them and a box of butter & eggs down to the wharf in the afternoon and brought up a load of cases and a bag of sand for me.

In the morning I planted clumps of 1 each of Daffodils (Cynosure & Emperor) and 1 of Fresia, also got firewood. In the afternoon I went down to the steamer. She made a round trip to day. John Addison went to Auckland by her in search of work, he may go down to the boys to work for the boys.

While down at the steamer I heard that Mrs Holder was dead, she died of cancer of the throat, she was brought down by the steamer to day and is to be buried at the Claim tomorrow afternoon.