Wednesday 10th July 1918

Showery early in the morning, fine during the day. In the morning I was pulling tea tree.  Willie was working at the drive.  In the afternoon Willie took the sulky down to the wharf with a box of Eggs, I also went down to the steamer.  I received a bundle of 6 new Roses from Lippiatt which I plunged  in the ground .  Willie had the horse shod, Jim Connell the blacksmith has been called up in the ballot and has passed, so he has got a man to take over his business during his absence, the new man was over to day and Connell was introducing him to customers.

In the evening there was to have been a meeting of the Mutual Improvement Society so Willie, Grace & I went down, but so few turned up that the debate was adjourned to next Wednesday, so Miss C. A. Matheson, Mrs Knowles, Jessie Wyatt and Harold Knaggs came up here for some music.  Harold, Mrs Simpson & I played a game of three handed Five Hundred.