Thursday 22nd February 1917

Still pouring with rain. The channel of the creek at the wool-shed is blocked with boulders and stones and the water is flowing over the sheep yards and round and under the wood shed. The men and I dug drains round the shed, tried to lead the water off the creek into its usual channel.

The river is encroaching on the road down to the cow bail, in fact it has taken it all away and the fence is all hanging. The water covers all the river bed from side to side and trees & logs are floating down at a great rate and some are forming obstructions in the middle of the river.

The telephone line must be down so we are quite cut off from the outside.

I am afraid there will be a lot of damage down on the other place, I wish Henry were home as I feel a responsibility resting on me.

Carpenter, the waggon and five horses are still down at Te Araroa, he might bring the horses back when the river goes down, but it would be impossible to bring the wagon back until the road is fixed up.