Saturday 9th November 1918

Henry’s 45th birthday.   It was a fine day, wind nearly S.

After breakfast I took flowers down to the Church and arranged them in the vases, then went down to the beach and carried it to the wharf, called on Mrs Gravatt, and went to Arthur Greenwoods to get the key to the Library to change my books.
Willie took his 6 small cases of Lemons down to the wharf and brought up my sand.

The “Kawau” was expected to leave Auckland for here and Mangawai at noon today, but a wire arrived saying that the crew were laid up with influenza which is very prevalent in Auckland and she would not be coming until next Wednesday.

Willie and Grace drove over to Ti Point in the afternoon.  I staid at home and dug up the remainder of the ground the upper side of the house. from the last planted Cabbages to the row of Sweet Peas.

There was a rumor  that the Germans had surrendered, but it proved to be untrue.