Saturday 30th January 1915

It was a fine day. The rain we had yesterday has done a great deal of good and has moistened the ground to a good depth where the ground has been worked fine. It must have rained for nearly 24 hours.

In the morning I was planting out young plants in a bed next the rhubarb, viz 28 Antirrhinums, 16 Wallflower, 3 Verbena & 1 Heliatrope. In the afternoon I was working in the flower garden tidying up. In the evening I went to Mrs Grasath to take back some music. Called in at the Library to get a book.

After an early lunch Willie, Grace and Gertie drove over to the Claim, there was a Tennis Match between the 2nd grade players of the Claim & Leigh clubs, The Claim won easily. Willie got home about 10pm, Grace and Gertie went to Ti Point to stay the night.