Willie and Grace Clarke (nee Davey)

CS Clarke’s son  and daughter-in-law Willie was 31 in 1914 and Grace was 29. They had no children in 1914, but they adopted son in 1917. Mrs Simpson was Grace’s mother, and Florence (Flo) Torkington her sister who was married to Harold Torkington (brother of Joe Torkington, Minnie’s husband).

Minnie and Joe Torkington

CS Clarke’s daughter and son-in-law. Minne was 38 in 1914 and Joe was also 38. They had 6 children by 1914 – Alma (14), Agnes (11), William (9), Frances (6), John (4) and Ernest (2). Alma was my paternal grandmother.

Jane and Jim Dunning

CS Clarke’s daughter and son-in-law. Jane, was 36 in 1914 and Jim was 45. In 1914 they had two children, Jean (about 1) and Hector (3).

Jack and Henry Clarke

His two eldest children, Jack and Henry, moved onto their own sheep stations on the East Cape in 1900. CS Clarke visited them in 1916, spending nearly a year in the area.

Other Children

His eldest child Maud had died in 1898. Her husband was William Pratt. They had two children, Florence (22 in 1914) and Horace (20 in 1914).

Other Family

His wife’s family, the Wyatts, also lived in the Omaha district. Hence he was surrounded by an extensive set of nieces and great-nieces, nephews and great-nephews – some of whom served in the First World War – eg. great-nephews John Charles Edgar Wyatt, Archibald McArthur Dunning, Angus Roderick Dunning and George Knight Leonard Wyatt (killed in action November 1917).

Other Residents

He had a large acquaintance in the district, and socialised with them regularly. As I find out more about these people I will add information on this page.