Tuesday 18th June 1918

It was a fine day.  Wind NW.   Willie was watching his charcoal kiln.  I was pulling tea tree in the barley paddock morning & afternoon,  Mrs Jas Greenwood & Mr Addisan  called in the afternoon , the latter on business with me.


Sunday 16th June 1918

There was only a slight shower, otherwise it was a fine day.  Willie set fire to his kiln.  Harold Knaggs came to spend the day, he brought his camera with him & took of photos of Raymond and also of me standing in front of the summer house.  Revd McDonald held service in the church in the evening, I was the only one from this house that went,  there were 20 present.  Collection 9/- .


Saturday 15th June 1918

It was a fine day.  There was a working bee at the Cemetery in the morning.  I went down to help, we finished before dinner.  There was a meeting in the Library immediately after and a petition was organised [?] to be sent to the Minister of Internal Affairs asking permission to elect  local Trustees for the Cemetery and the following persons were nominated,  Messrs J. C. Wyatt,  Alex Matheson,  A. Haskell,  D. W. Knaggs  &  C. S. Clarke.

In the afternoon I went down to the Church to fix up the lamps for tomorrow evening,  I found that the kerosene had leaked out of the tin, so I had to get a new tin from Harpers.

Willie was intending to set fire to his kiln, but it came on so showery that he deferred doing so until tomorrow morning.


Friday 14th June 1918

It had been raining last night, but there was only a shower or two during the day .  In the morning I was pulling tea tree in the barley paddock.

Willie was building his kiln.


Thursday 13th June 1918

It was much finer to day.  I went down to the village in the morning to post some letters, went to the wharf to see the steamer off, which left at 11.30.

In the afternoon Willie went to his kiln and I pulled tea tree in the barley paddock.  Willie went for the mail in the evening.


Wednesday 12th June 1918

A day something like yesterday, continuous rain, a little finer in the afternoon.  The “Kawau” came in from Auckland and Grace went down for the mail.  I did nothing outside, and Willie made 2 carts in the store, the wheels belonged to an old pram.

Tuesday 11th June 1918

It rained nearly all day .  We were unable to do anything out of doors.  I was looking at an old diary over 50 years ago it made me feel quite sad to read about people I mixed with then are now passed away.


Monday 10th June 1918

It was a very fine day.  In the morning I was pulling tea tree, and in the afternoon I planted 2 rows of Tree Onions above the house.

Willie was building his charcoal kiln.


Sunday 9th June 1918

There was a rather heavy shower in the middle of the day otherwise it was a fine day.  Revd Orchard (Methodist) held service in the Hall at 2.30.  I attended.  He gave us a very good sermon.  When I got home after church I found Jane & Lily who had ridden over, they staid for tea.