Tuesday 1st October 1918

It was fine in the morning, ‘tho threatening for rain, wind N.  After breakfast I left Jim’s place & walked to Ashton’s creek where I met the cream cart and Gus Neeley gave me a ride back to Leigh.  After I got home I changed my clothes and went into the garden to plant the things that Mrs Williams gave me,  I planted several Gaillards, Scabious, MarigoldWhite Mignonette.

After lunch it set in rain, so I just got home  &  planted my plants in time.


Monday 30th September 1918

It was a fine day, ‘tho dull,  wind still blowing strong from N.  After breakfast I walked to R. Williams place, found they had a sick house, staid for dinner and had a look round Mrs Williams flower plants , she gave me some small plants to bring home.  On my way back to Jims I called up at W. Darroch’s had afternoon tea there, met Mrs Wilma Knaggs  & Mrs B. Birdsall there, returned to Jim’s and staid the night.

Saturday 28th September 1918

It was a fine day, but rather dull in the afternoon, I went down for the mail in the morning, called in at Mr A. Dunnings to see the war news.  Nell Davey sent me some carnation slips which I planted in the farm orchard in the afternoon,  I sowed a row of Canadian Wonder beans the top side of house.  Willie, Grace & Mrs Simpson drove down to Goat Island beach in the afternoon.


Thursday 26th September 1918

It was a fine day, but the wind was blowing strong from the S.  In the morning I went down to the barley paddock & cut pea and bean sticks, and carried them & firewood home.

In the afternoon I was digging the piece of ground below the arch.  In the evening I went down for the mail, Willie took the butter & eggs down to the wharf in the morning and brought up 3 bags of sand for me, in the afternoon he was ploughing in the new garden.


Wednesday 25th September 1918

It was fine in the morning,  I planted out 8 Canditufts near the Azalia tree also dug up again the long bed.

It came on to rain in the afternoon, I went down to the steamer and got the mail.  Willie finished ploughing between the trees in the orchard.


Tuesday 24th September 1918

 It was a fine day after the rain.  Mrs Simpson came home, she brought the mail.  I got the seeds from W.  Abraham of Parnell and sowed in shallow boxes the following.  Dwarf Antirrhinum,  Miniture Sulaflower,  Peaony  &  Collorette Dahlia,  10 Week Stock,  Phlox Drummondi,  Early Aster,  Centauria Imperalis,  Verbana,  Also Early Drumhead Cabbage.  And planted out near the summer house 8 Pansies,  9 Canditufts.

Monday 23rd September 1918

It was fine in the morning ‘tho dull and threatening.

I went down to the barley paddock & cut & brought home some pea sticks, firewood and kindling wood.

Willie was ploughing in the orchard .  It came on to rain in the afternoon,  I made two shallow boxes to sow seeds in.

Mrs Simpson went down to A. Dunnings & staid the night.