Sunday 13th January 1918

It was a misty showery day, I was not feeling very well so did not go out anywhere.  Alma and Leila started on a holiday trip to Palmerston North in the evening by the main trunk,  Mr Wallace went across to see them off.  Ken called in the evening.


Saturday 12th January 1918

Willie and I made up our minds to go to Auckland to day by the “Kawau” which left Leigh wharf at 9.30 am.  We had a very calm passage up arriving in Auckland at 2.30 pm, we went straight over to Devonport to Mr Wallaces where we received a hearty welcome.  Gordon, his wife and two little ones came over in the pm.  Willie, Alma and Leila went to the pictures in the evening.


Friday 11th January 1918

Jack’s 46th birthday.  We had some showers today.

Willie & Dave were building another kiln.  I was digging up the piece of ground in the flower garden near the lemon trees, it had not been dug for two years and therefore was very hard.

I went down to the steamer to get bread and also got the mail.
Eddie Wyatt who has got a commission of 2nd Lieutenant came to spend the evening.


Thursday 10th January 1918

It was very misty and threatening, but the rain kept off during the day.  There was a picnic on the Lewis Meiklejohn beach as a welcome home to Eddie Wyatt, a great crowd attended & they passed a very enjoyable day,  Willie & Grace drove over.  Dave & I staid at home.


Wednesday 9th January 1918

It did not rain, but it was misty and threatening. Willie & Dave were cutting wood for another kiln.

I went down to the steamer in the afternoon, she was very late in getting here as she went into Big Omaha wharf.


Tuesday 8th January 1918

It was a dull day.  Willie & Dave were carting their charcoal down to the wharf.

After breakfast I went down to the beach and carried a lot of sand over to the wharf for Dave to cart up for me.  While I was down there the “Kawau” called in on her way to Mangawai having lain at Kawau last night on account of the easterly wind,  I got the mail.

Mrs W. Dunning came in the evening bringing 3 of her eldest children to hear the gramaphone, she told me that Eddie Wyatt had just come home,  Charlie, Maggie and he having driven from Wellsford,  Eddie was looking very well and has now got a commission as Lieutenant.


Monday 7th January 1918

It was a fine day, ‘tho dull.  Willie & Dave took out their charcoal, they had 68 bags.  I was working in the garden, I cut the grass on the paths, and cleaned the summer house out, & washed the seats and the floor.

It rained a little in the evening.


Sunday 6th January 1918

It was a dull day, only a few slight showers.  Agnes & Jack were here for dinner.  I conducted service in the Church in the afternoon.  The King had fixed this Sunday as a day of prayer for the success of our arms and for a permanent peace, so I read special prayers and a suitable sermon.  There were 27 present.  Collection 10/3 .  I went up to Willie Dunnings for tea.


Saturday 5th January 1918

It was a fine day.  Willie & Dave were watching their charcoal kiln.  I was working in the flower garden in the morn.  In the afternoon I went down to the wharf to bid good bye to Ian Matheson who was leaving by the “Kawau” to return to camp, a great crowd was on the wharf to give him a cheer.  Grace went down to the Church to sweep, dust and decorate.