Tuesday 9th July 1918

 It was a showery day, I did no work outside, but employed my time in writing ‘Records of events in the early days of the Omaha district’.  Willie did a little work on the drive. Grace went down to the Hall to superintend the scripture exam for the Sunday school union.


Sunday 7th July 1918

The weather looked very unpromising last night, but the wind changed to the SW and so it was very fine to day.

Revd  Orchard (Methodist) conducted service in the Hall in the afternoon and preached a splendid sermon, all of us with the exception of Willie went, Flo’ and Edith returned home after service.


Saturday 6th July 1918

It was a fine day, but cold.

We got up early as Lily and George were leaving today by the “Kawau” at 8 am.  Willie drove them down to the wharf , Grace and I also went down to see them off.  Keith Matheson, Ted Gravatt & Andy Biorklund also left to return to camp as this is their final leave, a crowd of people were down to see them off and give them a cheer.

Willie was working at the drive.  In the afternoon I was pulling tea tree in barley paddock.  Flo’ and Edith came in the pm and staid the night.


Friday 5th July 1918

It was a very fine day.  I was pulling tea tree in the morning, went down to the steamer in the pm. Willie was fixing up the drive, filling up the ruts.  Mr Torkington came for tea and all of us went down to the Hall in the evening to a farewell to Keith Matheson.  Ted Gravatt & Andy Biorklund of Pakiri were also present, there was a big crowd and we spent a very pleasant evening, dancing, card playing, songs, recitations &c.   Revd Chartoris gave a very amusing description of Scottish customs and manners, and his two little boys dressed in highland costume danced a highland fling and the sword dance.  Mr Torkington returned with us and staid the night.

Wednesday 3rd July 1918

It was a very fine day, but the wind is inclined to come from E.
Willie went to clean out Mr Glass’ house as a likely purchaser is coming down to look at the place.  I was pulling tea tree in the morning and in the afternoon I went down to the steamer.  Mrs A. Greenwood called here in the afternoon.


Tuesday 2nd July 1918

There were only a few showers.  I was pulling tea tree in the barley paddock both morning and afternoon.

Willie went fishing and brought home a lot of rock cods and schnappers.

In the afternoon Grace & Lily took a walk down to Mr Glass’ house and got a lot of guavas and called on Mrs Knowles.


Sunday 30th June 1918

With the exception of a few showers, it was a fine day.  Revd   Gould (Presbyterian)  conducted service in the Hall in the morning.  Revd Charteris (also Presbyterian) sang a solo.  After the service I dined at Mr Archie Dunnings.  Mr Gould was also there.  Mrs Simpson, Lily & Grace intended to go to church, but a shower prevented them,  Flo and Edith were here for tea.