Friday 11th October 1918

It was a fine day, the wind is blowing strong from SE.  The ground is too wet to dig.  I planted about 40 Pansy plants round the edge of the long bed.  Willie put the tank on to the stand and fixed spouting to lead the water into the tank.


Thursday 10th October 1918

It was a beautiful day – very hot in the afternoon.  After breakfast Willie took the butter & eggs down in the trap.  I went with him and got some gravel which Willie carted home for me.  When I returned I planted the White Mallows that I got yesterday.

Willie cemented the inside of the tank and tarred the bottom.  Grace & Mrs Simpson went down to C. Wyatts in the afternoon.  I went down for the mail in the evening, but as Grace also went down she got the mail and I came home.


Wednesday 9th October 1918

It was showery in the morning, but very fine in the afternoon.  Willie was making the tank stand.  I was sawing up tea tree and sharpening them for kerbing and I fixed them in the garden where the others had rotted.  In the afternoon I went the other side of the harbour to D. Mathesons to have a look at their garden,  Mrs M  was at the Pa but Duncan showed me round and gave me some plants of White Mallow.  I waited for the steamer to get the mail, but she did not arrive before 6.30.  There was a debate in the hall, the subject being,  “Should Women enter Parliament” – none of us went.


Tuesday 8th October 1918

It was a showery day, everything wet outside.  I sieved a lot of cow manure to plant my Pansies in.  In the afternoon I got firewood from the other side of the hill.  Willie was putting in the blocks to put the tank on.


Monday 7th October 1918

The morning was dull and lowering,  wind N to E.  Willie took the trap down to Harpers and bought a 600 Gallon Galvanized Tanks and brought it home.  I went down to the barley paddock and cut some bean sticks, pea sticks & kindling wood.  It came on to rain and I had to come home , it rained all afternoon & evening.  I wrote a letter to Lily  (Jacks wife)


Sunday 6th October 1918

It was a beautiful day.  After breakfast Willie Dunning came to have a look round the garden & orchard.

Archdeacon Hawkins  held service in the Church in the afternoon there were quite 50 present and a very attentive congregation , the Archdeacon gave a splendid address which was listened to with wrapt interest .  the Collection was 28/4 .


Saturday 5th October 1918

It was a very fine day, the wind has got round to SW, but the ground is too wet to dig, so I went down to the barley paddock and cut pea sticks,  fire wood & kindling wood and carried them home.  Willie went fishing with Leslie Machardo and brought home schnapper and rock cod.  In the afternoon I went down to the Church to take flowers , called on Mrs Gravatt,  after I got home I stuck the first row of Stratagem Peas.  Mrs G. Wyatt,  Beatie & Ixxxxe came to look at my garden & staid for tea.


Friday 4th October 1918

It was fine in the morning, ‘tho threatening.  Mrs J. C. Wyatt came in the morning and staid for lunch.  I weeded the Peas, put manure round the young Cabbages and cleared the weeds off the round bed.  It came on to rain in the pm and rained all evening.
Wille went down to meet the steamer as Keith Entwisle was coming to stay with Jim and Jane so as Jim was over he went home with him.


Thursday 3rd October 1918

It was a very fine day.  Willie was flat hoeing his Potatoes.

I dug and manured some more ground the top side of the house to sow some Beetroot in.  I went down for the mail in the evening, Grace & Raymond returned from Ti Point.


Wednesday 2nd October 1918

It was a beautiful day, the rain we had yesterday has freshened up every thing and the vegetables are growing fast.

In the morning I was digging the top side of the house for Tomatoes,
I manured the land as I dug.  I packed a little box with plants for Mrs Williams,  viz  Stocks, Candituft & Pansies, also Sweet Pea & other seeds and posted it in the afternoon to go by the overland tomorrow.   Went down to the steamer in the afternoon, received a letter from my brother Henry in England,  Mrs B  Birdsall sent a flowering shrub over which I planted when I came home.

Willie was hoeing Potatoes in the morning and in the afternoon he took the butter & eggs down to the wharf and hauled up flour & groceries and a bag of sand for me.  Grace & Raymond walked over to Ti Point.