Thursday 13th

It was a showery day. I went down to the wharf in the morning. The Kawau was supposed to leave here at 1pm but according to Auckland port regulations all vessels have to be in port before sundown, so the Kawau had to leave here before her advertised time. The men who had volunteered for foreign service went up by her.

I went down to the village in the evening to get the mail and attend the Library.

Wednesday 12th

It was a fine day. The Chairman & some of the members of the Country Council came over to confer as to what is to be done with the Stonebreaker, several settlers met them on the wharf in the afternoon in the wharf shed to discuss the matter. There was also a meeting of Ratepayers in the Hall in the evening, Mr Ja’ Greenwood occupied the chair, the Chairman of the County Council was also present, a motion unanimously carried that the Stonecrusher be sold and removed. There was a dance afterwards as a send off to Eddie Wyatt and Angus Dunning who are leaving tomorrow morning having volunteered their services to the home government in this war against Germany.

Tuesday 11th

Willie was pruning in the orchard. In the afternoon I went down to the beach and sieved a lot of sand and carried it across to the wharf shed. Carried up a bag of it. Grace walked over to Ti Point in the afternoon and staid the night.

Monday 10th

Very showery in the morning. Left Jims about 10.30pm got caught in several showers and got very wet. Willie was pruning the Diamond Plums. In the evening Willie went down to the village on the arrival of the Kawau to hear the war news, he brought home four papers.

Sunday 9th

There were a few showers in the morning but the afternoon was very fine. Willie & Grace went up to Mr Murrays to spend the day. I walked to Ti Point, called at Harolds and then went on to Joe’s where I had dinner, afterward I walked across the beach to the Claim Hall thinking that Mr Glass was going to take the service for Mr Sims who had just recently lost his wife, but Mr Glass did not turn up so they asked me to give them a service which I did and a short address, Jane played the organ. I returned with Jane & Jim & staid the night.

Saturday 8th

It was a fine day. Willie was pruning the peach trees. In the afternoon I took Mr J.C. Wyatt a large Rose tree & two Dark blue Forgetmenot, had a talk with Charlie about County matters, afterwards went down to the beach and carried up a bag of sand.

Friday 7th

There were some showers last night but it was fine to day. Willie was pruning the apple trees in the pigs paddock and the peaches just below the house. In the afternoon Willie took the catamaran down to the wharf, I went down to post some letters, I put some sand and Willie hauled it up for me with 2 bags of flour that came by the Steamer to day.

Mr Torkington came up by the Kawau and he gave me this mornings paper containing news of the war.

Thursday 6th

It was a fine day, Willie took the catamaran down to the wharf after an early breakfast and hauled up a sack of potatoes that was only landed from the Kawau this morning, after he came home he rode to Pakiri about a dog collar. Mr John Greenwood, Mrs Handby & Eva Harper came for dinner.

The overland mail has been changed from Friday to Thursday so in the evening I went down for the mail & attended the Library.

Grace & Mrs Simpson walked over to Ti Point late in the afternoon & Grace staid the night.


Wednesday 5th

It was a fine day. I wrote a letter to Jack and posted it in the afternoon. Willie packed the eggs and hauled them down to the wharf in the afternoon, I went down & carried some more round to the wharf and Willie hauled it home for me also some fowl grit. Jane & Jean went back home by the “Kawau” to the upper wharf.

Tuesday 4th

Fine in the morning but showery in the afternoon. After breakfast I went down to the village to get the mail, went to the wharf and got some timetables from Mr Duthie, carried up some sand. On my way home I had a long talk with Charlie Wyatt about road matters. In the afternoon Grace, Jane & Mrs Simpson went to Mrs Glass – from there Jane went to to Archie Dunnings to stay the night, I went down there in the evening to take Janes hamper, I stayed and we played Five Hundred, enjoyed a very pleasant evening.