Wednesday 14th April 1915

I went across to town and then took the car up to the top of Symonds St and walked down to Mt Eden Station and took the train to Henderson. Norman Carr was in the same carriage going out and returning, he is teaching at Henderson. I first went to my old friend Jo’s Greenwoods where I had a look round their orchard, they were busy picking and packing Apples.
Bob Morrison came after me to have a look round and he also had lunch there. In the afternoon I went to Willie Wrights place down Lincoln road, he was also busy picking and packing apples. Returned to Devonport late in the afternoon.

Monday 12th April 1915

Went across to Auckland in the morning. In the evening Mr & Mrs W & I went to a concert in the Parish Hall, the first of the winter entertainments in connection with Trinity Church. The Lyric Quartell were the entertainers for the evening and we all enjoyed ourselves very much.

Sunday 11th April 1915

In the morning I walked up to Kens and we all went to service in the little church in Bayswater road, returned to Kens for dinner. After that returned to Wallaces. Attended the Presbyterian Church in the evening, Revd Robert Ingris officiated.

Wednesday 10th April 1915

In the afternoon I went by car out to Mt Eden to call on the Grindrods, I found him busy finishing planting his Daffodils, he showed me round the garden & I had afternoon tea there and then returned to Devonport.

Tuesday 6th April 1915 – Tuesday 9th April 1915

As I did not keep a Diary while I was away I cannot say what I did every day.
I used to go over to Auckland most days.
During this week I called on Mr Grindrod at his office Messr Hesketh & Richmonds and arranged to go out to his place on Saturday afternoon.
Called on Mr Mrs Kinlay in Albert Rd. Took his wife some bulbs and she gave me some in return.
One day I met Jim Greenwood and went with him to King Georges Pictures and we dined at the Strand Arcade.
Went up to the Domain and looked at the gardens there which are beautiful. Also went to Albert Park gardens.
Went to consult Dr P.A. Lindsay at his residence at Albert Park. I have been having giddy turns and pains at the top of my head.

Monday 5th April 1915 Easter Monday

Noel & his wife went over to town. In the afternoon Mr & Mrs Wallace & I walked to Bayswater, called at Kens. Met them just coming out on their way to the boat, so we all walked down to the wharf to see them off. Afterwards Mr W & I went to see Mr Inkster’s garden, we found him hard at work digging. His garden did not look so well as it did when I was there last November.

Sunday 4th April 1915, Easter Sunday

There were several slight showers.
In the morning Mrs Wallace & I went to service at Trinity Church. The church was decorated for Easter, Mr Seaton who has held services here several times for Revd Macdonald preached a very good sermon.
In the afternoon Mr Wallace took a walk to the Narrow Neck beach and home by the old Lake Road.
In the evening Mr Wallace went to the Presbyterian Church, Revd. Bertrum is leaving and preached his farewell sermon, he has accepted a call from Prahan a suburb of Melbourne.

Saturday 3rd April 1915

It was a fine day.
I went to Auckland by the Kawau which left here about 12.30pm. Mr Woods & Jim Greenwood went up by her, we had a very fair passage. We arrived in Auckland about 5.30pm. Mr Wallace was in the Auckland wharf to meet me, and we immediately took the ferry over to Devonport and wagonette up to the house, where I received a hearty welcome. The house seems quite deserted now the boys are all away, Bert being the last to leave. He and Alan are in Egypt.
Noel & his wife were up from Te Kuiti for a holiday but they were out when I got there, so did not see them before I went to bed.

Friday 2nd April 1915, Good Friday

It was very dull when we got up and then it commenced to rain and it rained all morning, wind NW. In the afternoon the wind changed to W and it cleared up, was not able to do much out of doors. Planted a clump of Cytosine Daffodils near the Lemon Tree. Willie & Grace went fishing in the afternoon to this wharf and brought home a few small fish.

Thursday 1st April 1915

It was a fine day. I finished digging the piece of ground near the Lemon trees, I buried under it a lot of vegetable rubbish and several sackfuls of horse manure.
In the evening I went down for the mail and attended the Library.
The Annual Meeting of the Show was held in the evening. Willie attended.