Thursday 4th February 1915

It was a very hot day. The girls took their lunch down to the tennis court to play and staid there all day. I took an axe down and finished clearing the road opposite the Church site, I burned all the scrub and the buts I kept out for firewood for the Hall, Willie Dunning carted one load to the Hall for me and I rode up home with him and had dinner there, got the mail in the evening and attended the Library.

Wednesday 3rd February 1915

It was a fine day. Grace, Gertie, Alma & Leila went down to the Tennis court in the morning to have a game, and I went down in the afternoon to get the mail, I took the axe with me and cut down some of the tea tree on the road opposite the Church site.

Monday 1st February 1915

It was a very fine day. After breakfast I went down to Harpers to give to Mr Macdonald to take to Warkworth, after I came back & picked 6 Cases of October Purple Plums off the big tree. Mr & Mrs Leroy called in the afternoon, they came in a motor boat from the Great Barrier and were on their way to Auckland.  Alma Wallace & Leila Entwhistle arrived by the Kawau to stay here. When Willie returned from his work he & I picked & packed peaches.

Sunday 31st January 1915

It was a very fine day. In the morning I walked as far as Ti Point school and then Charlie Dunning gave me a lift in the cream cart to Jims. Revd R. A. Macdonald held service in the Claim Hall in the morning Jane & I attended, there were only 10 present, Minnie, who was present, & I returned with Jane & dined there & I also had an early tea there and afterwards walked home.  Mr Macdonald held service in this hall in the evening, all of us attended, there was a good congregation, collection 10/- – 11/-


Saturday 30th January 1915

It was a fine day. The rain we had yesterday has done a great deal of good and has moistened the ground to a good depth where the ground has been worked fine. It must have rained for nearly 24 hours.

In the morning I was planting out young plants in a bed next the rhubarb, viz 28 Antirrhinums, 16 Wallflower, 3 Verbena & 1 Heliatrope. In the afternoon I was working in the flower garden tidying up. In the evening I went to Mrs Grasath to take back some music. Called in at the Library to get a book.

After an early lunch Willie, Grace and Gertie drove over to the Claim, there was a Tennis Match between the 2nd grade players of the Claim & Leigh clubs, The Claim won easily. Willie got home about 10pm, Grace and Gertie went to Ti Point to stay the night.


Friday 29th January 1915

I woke up at 1.20am and found it was raining and it was raining when we got up and it rained all day and also evening. I caught a lot of water, I filled the bath tub and carried a lot into the garden, several inches must have fallen. We could do nothing out of doors, so I mended by clothes.

Thursday 28th January 1915

It was a very hot day. I was picking in flower seeds, cleaning it and putting it up in packets. Early in the afternoon I went down to get the mail as the steamer had just arrived from Auckland, she brought the Weekly news. I also went down in the evening for the overland mail and to attend the Library.


Wednesday 27th January 1915

It was a very hot day. Grace returned home from Ti Point in the morning & Gertie returned home in the evening.

I was helping Willie pick fruit and Willie hauled it down to the Steamer in the afternoon. Ken & Tillie who have been staying with Jim & Jane were on the Steamer returning home. Dr Morrison attended at Harper’s today & I went down and consulted him. I wrote a letter to my son Jack and I posted it this afternoon.


Tuesday 26th January 1915

It was a very fine day. After breakfast I went down for the mail, I received a letter from my brother Henry in England, he informed me that my brother Chris has died last November thus leaving Henry & I the only two remaining of a very large family.

There was a picnic at Lloyd’s point today, Grace & Gertie went over to be present and staid the night. I staid at home and did odd jobs.