Thursday 12th November 1914

It was a fine day. Ernie Greenwood drove me over to Warkworth, we arrived there about noon, consulted Dr Morrison, had dinner and then went to the Show which was held in the Town Hall, John Greenwood took some Roses over for me yesterday & entered them but they took no prizes. The flowers were very good, also fancy work and cookery. I went with the John Greenwoods to Mr Rooses and staid there the night.


Wednesday 11th November 1914

It was a fine day. I was Deputy Returning Officer and was in the Hall from 9am to 6pm. The candidates were, J. Hoult, A. Matheson and Ernest Vipond. After the polling was over I went to A. Dunnings for tea, played cards in evening.

The Polling at all the Booths was as follows.

Hoult Matheson Vipond
Leigh 0 43 1
Pakiri  6  8  14
Claim  0 25 1
Whangaripo 0 0 25
Matakana 0 0 6
 6 76 47

Monday 9th November 1914

It was a fine day. Willie, Grace & I drove over to Pakiri in the morning, we had dinner at Johny Salts and in the afternoon we went to Mrs Pratts funeral, there was a large gathering of people. Revd Macdonald officiated at the grave. We returned to Salts for tea and drove home in the evening.


Sunday 8th November 1914

It was a fine day. I walked over to the Claim in the morning to attend the Anglican service, Revd Macdonald officiated, afterwards I went to Jims for dinner and walked home in the afternoon in time for tea, I found Mr & Mrs Glass there, they had been spending the day. Mr Macdonald held service in the hall in the evening, we attended a fair congregation, Collection 10/-.   I heard to day that Mrs Pratt had died last night.


Saturday 7th November 1914

It was a fine day. Willie went fishing to the Goat Island with the two young parsons & Mr Glass but there was too much wind and they caught no fish.

I went down to the wharf at 12.30 to see the “Kawau” off,  Mr Murry left by her, he has sold his farm to a Mr Buckland and is leaving the district for good, I shall miss him very much as we were very good friends.

Friday 6th November 1914

It was a fine day. Willie was sowing Mangels in the farm orchard.

The Bible Class picnic was held to day, all of us went and enjoyed ourselves very much. There were two Methodist parsons present namely Spicer & Warren and they made it very lively.