Monday 3rd May 1915

It was a very dull day. I was working in the flower garden weeding. In the afternoon I went down to Dunning beach to get some shell sand, came home by way of the village to get the mail. Mr Woods got the belfry top on and fixed the bell.

Sunday 2nd May 1915

It was a fine day. Mr & Mrs Glass came to spend the day. In the afternoon we had some good music. Mrs Glass played the harmonium, Mrs G the mandoline & Mr Woods the bassoon. He came in the afternoon but went home in the evening.

Saturday 1st May 1915

It was a fine day. Willie was working at the quarry all day. In the morning I planted some Ixias that came from Mr Glass & got firewood. In the afternoon I went down to the cottage occupied by Mr Woods to put some chairs together. Mr Woods came here in the evening and we played 500. He staid the night.

Friday 30th April 1915

It was too wet for Willie to go to work at the quarry so he and Grace went fishing down in this harbour and brought home a few small fish.
I staid at home and was working in the flower garden.

Thursday 29th April 1915

It was a fine day. I was weeding in the flower garden all day. In the evening I went down to the village to get the mail and attend the Library. The Annual Hall meeting was held in the Library, only a moderate attendance. The old Committee was re-elected also officials.

Wednesday 28th April 1915

The rain we had yesterday made the ground very wet, and I was unable to do anything out of doors. Willie did not go to the quarry to day, but staid at home and picked and packed peas. Grace went down to the village in the afternoon and got the mail and the meat.

Tuesday 27th April 1915

It was raining nearly all last night and it rained nearly all to day, it will do a lot of good as the ground was getting very dry again and the newly sown grass needs rain badly.
I went down to the village in the morning to post some letters and to get the mail, but I heard that the”Kawau” did not come last night on account of the easterly wind.

Monday 26th April 1915

It was a fine day, but the wind is blowing strong from NE. In the morning I went down to the beach and sieved some sand and carried it round to the wharf shed, carried some home. Mrs Rogers came to get me to fix up her Pension paper, she staid for lunch and I gave her some flower seeds, bulbs and plants.
Bowden Birdsall called to witness my signature.
Arthur Greenwood called in the evening to tell me about a meeting of the executive of the Ratepayers Association but I did not feel well enough to go.

Sunday 25th April 1915

The wind is blowing from E. Mrs Handby and Agnes were here for dinner. We went down to Church in the afternoon. Revd R. A. Macdonald conducted service. Congregation fair, Collection 11/-