Saturday 5th December 1914

It was a fine day. As we did not get home from the Ball until 3am we did not get up very early, and it was an idle day. Went to Joe Wyatts in the afternoon. Jane & the children, who were over for the Ball, came up here in the afternoon to stay the night.


Friday 4th December 1914

It was a fine day. In the morning I went over to the farm orchard, cut some pea sticks to stick the last row of peas I planted.

Joe Wyatt was here to get my signature.  In the evening the Bachelors gave a grand plain & fancy dress ball in this Hall, all of us went and enjoyed ourselves very much, there were a lot of fancy dresses. Musicians came from Auckland a pianist, a violinist and a cornet player, there was some good singing and abundance of refreshments. I was playing 500.


Thursday 3rd December 1914

It was a fine day. In the morning I was working in the flower garden, cutting off the spent rose blooms and tidying up.

In the afternoon I went to see Mr G Knaggs who is confined to his bed and in a very weak condition. In the evening I went down for the mail and attended the Library.


Wednesday 2nd December 1914

It was a fine day. Bid good bye to the Wallaces who had been very kind to me and where I had spent a very happy time, went across to Auckland by the 9am boat. Collected up my parcels and embarked on board the “Kawau” which left Auckland at 11am, there were a lot of Omaha people returning home after the Show, although the steamer was rolling a bit I did not feel at all sick, went down to have dinner and was playing 500 in the afternoon. Willie did not meet me as he is working in the quarry for Dunning & Wyatt. John Greenwood took me and my parcels up to our gate. I was glad to get home. Everything in the garden seemed to be very dry.

Tuesday 1st December 1914

It was a fine day. In the morning I went across to town, did some shopping & returned to the Shore for lunch, packed a hamper and took it across to town and put it into the parcels office, while in Karangahape Rd I met John Greenwood and walked about with him until it was time to return to the Shore. Mr Wallace, Alma and I went to the Pictures.

Monday 30th November 1914

Windy & Showery. In the morning I went over to town, returned to the Shore for lunch, went to town again in the afternoon, took the car to Mt Eden. Called on Mrs Tucker, afterwards called on Mr Grindio but they were not at home.

Ken & Tillie came over to the Wallaces for dinner and staid the evening.

Saturday 28th November 1914

A few showers. Went to Auckland in the morning, returned to Devonport for dinner & in the pm Mr Wallace & I went to watch the cricket match between Shore and Ponsonby in the Domain. In the evening Mr & Mrs W.  & I went to a concert in the Parish Hall in aid of the local Fire Brigade.

Friday 27th November 1914

It was a bit showery and windy in the morning. In the afternoon I went across to Auckland, took the car to Campbell park where the Agricultural show is held, met several people from Omaha way,
John(?) Greenwood, Mr & Mrs Harry Dyer, Ellis Dyer from Whangarei, John Salt & Jas Darroch whom John Greenwood had driven from Panmure.