Friday 4th June 1915

I returned home in the morning called at the Leigh post office for my mail, but someone had taken it last night. In the afternoon I went in search of our mail, met May Dunning bringing it up, went to the Library to give her a book.

Thursday 3rd June 1915

It was a fine day. In the afternoon I walked to the Claim. Staid the night at Jim’s, Jane and the children only returned from Auckland yesterday morning, having been away a fortnight. King George’s birthday.

Wednesday 2nd June 1915

The Kawau left Auckland last night at midnight, went into Big Omaha first and did not arrive here much before noon, she left again to day making a round trip. I went down & got the mail.

Tuesday 1st June 1915

Willie went to the quarry in the morning, but it looked threatening for rain so he came home again and was sorting out old peach trees in the orchard.
The weather cleared up and we had no rain, I got firewood and did odd jobs.

Monday 31st May 1915

It was a very fine day. In the morning I walked over to Ti Point. I called at Harolds and had lunch there. Arthur Wilson was ploughing for him. I afterwards went down to Joes, Minnie was fishing down at the wharf, but as she had no luck, she came home and showed me her garden and gave me afternoon tea. On my way home I called down at the village to get the mail, Mr Woods came back from Auckland by The “Kawau” and he gave me two newspapers.

Saturday 29th May 1915

It was a very showery day. Mrs Kempt was buried in the Cemetery in the afternoon, there was a good attendance considering the weather. Revd Yarnall officiated at the grave.

Friday 28th May 1915

It was a showery day. In the evening Mr Jas Greenwood and I met some of the members of the Tennis club to arrange about a fence between the Church and the Tennis Court.

Thursday 27th May 1915

Several showers during the day. In the morning I went down to Dunnings beach and carried up large stones. In the evening I went down for the mail and attended the Library.

Wednesday 26th May 1915

Willie has got influenza and did not go to work at the quarry. I went down to Dunnings beach and carried home some large stones for the garden edging. Went down to the wharf when the steamer came in to get the mail.
Mr Woods came up for tea and we played at Five Hundred in the evening.