Sunday 13th September 1914

It was a very hot day. Revd Macdonald held service in the Claim Hall in the morning Jane & I attended. I returned to Jim’s after church for dinner and in the afternoon I walked home and in the evening Revd Macdonald held service in this Hall in the evening, all of us attended, there was a good congregation. Collection 10/6.


Saturday 12th September 1914

It was a very fine day. Willie was digging in the Oats in the pig’s paddock next to where we planted Potatoes. In the morning I was getting firewood and breaking down the lumps in the border the upper side of the wire netting coil fence.

In the afternoon I walked over to the Claim and staid the night at Jim’s.


Friday 11th September 1914

A fine day still very dry. In the morning I planted 6 Stock & 6 Caliopsis that came from Ti Point.

In the afternoon I helped Willie finish plant Potatoes in the garden where the vines once grew. Joe Torkington was here for tea, afterward I went down to the wharf to meet the steamer, it was the “Kotiti”. Captn gave me a daily paper.

Thursday 10th September 1914

It was a very fine day, still very dry, rain wanted badly.

After breakfast I went down to the beach and sieved a lot of sand and carried it across to the wharf. Willie took two boxes of eggs down and he hauled my sand home.

I was working in the flower garden and I helped Willie plant Potatoes.

Grace & Mrs Simpson spent the day at Ti Point. In the evening I went for mail & attended Library.

Wednesday 9th September 1914

It was a very fine day and calm. I sowed seeds in the border of Blue Larkspur, transplanted 3 young Godetia seedlings, sowed in boxes seeds of Hunimannia, Yellow & Pink Antirrhinum & 4 varieties Wallflower & Scarlet Alonsoa.

In the afternoon went down to the steamer to get the mail, carried up a bag of sand. Dick Knaggs was leaving the Kawau to day and Jock McKinnon came on in his place as mate.

Tuesday 8th September 1914

It was a very fine day. Wind not quite so strong, rain badly wanted. In the morning I sowed the following seeds in a box Nemesia, Aster Quilled German & Stock, Yen-weak fine mixed. Afterwards went down to the wharf, Mr Glass was going up to Auckland & I sent my boots up by him to be repaired, took him some violets & daffodils. In the afternoon I was helping Willie plant Potatoes between the apple trees in pig’s paddock.

Monday 7th September 1914

It was a fine day and not quite so windy in the morning as yesterday. In the morning I planted a Wallflower that Nelly Lloyd gave me, also planted in a box Pansies, Guillardias & one of two Antirrhinum that Minnie gave me. Also planted over 30 Cabbage plants. In the pm was helping Willie plant Potatoes in the pig’s paddock.


Sunday 6th September 1914

It was a fine day, but windy. In the morning I walked to Ti Point calling at Mrs Ashworths to show her some Daffodils I was taking to Minnie, also called at Mr Lloyd’s to show them the Daffodils. Had dinner at Joe’s, Minnie gave me some Pansy & other plants to bring home. Mr W. J. Moore (Local Methodist) held service in the Hall in the afternoon but none of us went. Flo was here for tea.

Friday 4th September 1914

It was a fine day, but a very cold wind blowing from SW. I finished digging the piece of ground between the Lemon trees in the front garden, planted out a Nicotiana. Went down to the Steamer in the pm for the mail. Carried up some sand.