Saturday 3rd October 1914

It was a very fine day. I was working in the flower garden, I dug the piece of ground near the wire netting fence where I am going to plant sweet peas, also sowed seeds of Victoria Astus. In the pm I got firewood. Willie dug in the farm orchard in the morning, cleaned the sulky in the pm and went to a meeting in the Hall in the evening to see if they would have a Show in the autumn, they decided to hold the Show as usual.


Friday 2nd October 1914

It was a very fine day. Willie was working in the farm orchard. In the morning I sowed 2 clumps of Zinias and then cut tea tree on the hill. In the afternoon I went down when the steamer arrived from Auckland. There was good news from the seat of war. Lord Kitchener thinks that the war will not last much longer.

Thursday 1st October 1914

It was a very fine day. Willie was clearing the grass off   the ground in the farm orchard preparatory to digging it up to plant in pumpkins. Although my back was bad I dug up the round bed, burying rubbish, manure bone dust & sand in the trenches. In the evening I got the mail &   attended  the Library.

Wednesday 30th September 1914

It was a beautiful day. Grace spent the day at Mrs Glass’.  After breakfast I went down to the beach, sieved a lot of sand and carried it across to the wharf.

Willie took the Eggs down to the wharf in the afternoon and he hauled my sand home. I also went down to the wharf when the steamer came in, she made a round trip to day.

Tuesday 29th September 1914

It was a very fine day. After breakfast I went to Mrs Dunning Senr to witness her signature, carried home a bag of sand from their beach.

After I returned home I was helping Willie dig between the Strawberries, after dinner I planted what I thought a Cornflower but I am afraid it is a pale blue Forgetmenot. Afterward I helped Willie finish digging between the Strawberries.

Monday 28th September 1914

It was a beautiful calm day, with a few slight showers. I took castor oil in the morning to see if it would cure my giddiness. I got firewood and helped Willie plant Onions, there are 530 planted.

Afterwards Willie planted 115 Schalottes. After helping Willie plant onions I planted a Pelargonium and 3 Dimorphothecas.

Jim called in the pm to see how I was.

Sunday 27th September 1914

It was a fine day wind blowing strong from SW, Mr (blank) (Presbyterian) held service in this Hall both morning & evening, but none of us went, as I was feeling very giddy. In the pm I took a walk up to Jas Greenwoods and staid tea.

Saturday 26th September 1914

It was a fine day. In the morning Willie took the horse down to the wharf and hauled up 2 bags of manure, a box of groceries and a bag of sand for me that I sieved and brought round to the wharf yesterday. In the morning also Grace & Mrs Simpson went to Mr Glass’ to spend the day and Mrs S stayed with Mrs G to  help her.

In the afternoon I was helping Willie plant Onion plants that Mr Wallace sent. There was a football match at the Claim between Mangawai and Omaha in the afternoon, Omaha won. There was a dance in the Hall in the evening, but none of us went.

Friday 25th September 1914

It was a very fine day, the wind has got round to the N, Willie took up some of the Rhubarb and re-planted it, he then beat down the ground he intends for Onions.

I was working in the flower garden. I planted 14 roots of Lobelia near the front steps also took up & replanted a Calliopsis & sowed seeds of Dwarf Aster, & cut all the grass on the path.


Thursday 24th September 1914

It rained nearly all last night, the rain has sunk deeply into the ground. It did not rain today, but was very dull. Willie took his Eggs down to the wharf. The Kawau which was sheltering at Kawau last night came in this morning and return to Ak immediately.

Willie got the mail & attended the Library in the evening for me.