Sunday 17th January 1915

It was dull in the morning but it turned out a fine day. Mr Ramsay Jnr son of the Postmaster at Warkworth (Presbyterian) held service in the Hall in the morning, I attended. In the evening there was a Church parade in the Hall, the service was conducted by the Revd O.J. Kimberley. Mr G. Rollison read the lessons & Mr Birss  read the latter part of the prayers, and Mr Kimberley preached a very good sermon, there were nearly 60 scouts present and also a large number of the general public, the Collection £1.2.4 ½ was given to the Foreign Missions. All in this house attended.


Saturday 16th January 1915

It was a fine day but very blowey. Willie drove Mrs Simpson, Grace & Gertie over to the Claim to play tennis and afterwards he & George went fishing to Ti Point.

In the morning I went down to the village to post a letter, also to the Steamer to say good bye to Mrs Spedding & family who  were returning to Auckland. After I came home Mr Addison Sen came for me to witness his signature.

In the afternoon I dug the piece of ground below the closet.


Friday 15th January 1915

It was a fine day, wind blowing from SW and rather cold. I was working in the flower garden. Mrs Glass & Mrs Spedding & children called in the afternoon and we all went down to meet the steamer, Gertie (George’s wife) came up to stay with us.


Thursday 14th January 1915

The rain we had last evening has done a great deal of good and has sunk a good depth into the ground. George went to Ti Point. Mrs Simpson & Grace went to see Mrs Wm Dunning & Mrs Jas Greenwood.

In the evening I went down for the mail and attended the Library.

There was a meeting of the Show Committee.


Wednesday 13th January 1915

It was fine in the morning. Willie staid at home & he, George & I were picking fruit, we picked Burbanks, Jargonell Pears & Diamond plums.  In the afternoon I went down to the Steamer. Revd & Mrs Kimberley & four girls were on board bound for Ti Point to join the Scouts party there.

The weather looked very threatening & black and as I was coming home it started to rain and after I got home it poured and we caught a lot of water.


Tuesday 12th January 1915

There was a slight rain this morning but I did not catch much water. Willie hauled the fruit 31 cases of Burbanks down to the wharf before breakfast.

After breakfast I went down to the PO to get the mail. George Davey came in from Ti Point while we were at lunch. The remainder of the day I took it easy.


Monday 11th January 1915

It was a very hot day. In the morning Mrs Simpson & I picked Burbank Plums. In the afternoon I walked over to Ti Point to see the arrival of the Scout Boys, they came in the “Weka”. There were 60 boys, Mr Rollinson, Mr Birss , Captain Rust (scoutmaster) & another man. They are camping on Ti Point.

Jane & Jim were picnicking on Lloyd’s point with some other people & I had tea with them. Walked home after tea and was in time to mark the fruit cases for Willie.


Sunday 10th January 1915

It was a very fine day. It rained last night but it had cleared up by 4am. I got up then and watered the flower garden with the water that was caught at the back of the house.

In the afternoon I went down to the Hall, Revd Spiers (Methodist) conducted service and he preached a splendid sermon.


Saturday 9th January 1915

It was a very hot day. Willie was spraying in the morning and in the afternoon he hauled up 4 Sacks of fowl feed. In the morning I went over to Jim Greenwoods and had lunch there, in the afternoon I took some flowers down to the wharf to give to Miss Ellis to take up to Mr Grindrod. Willie Pratt, & Horace and his wife also went back to Auckland in the Steamer, Horace is my grandson and was married a few weeks ago. Harold Torkington drove Mrs Simpson over here in the pm. There was a Tennis match at Pakiri this afternoon between Pakiri & Leigh.


Friday 8th January 1915

It was a very hot day. I was making up the accounts of the Library and Ernest Wyatt audited them in the evening. Grace went down to the Tennis in the afternoon & I went down to the Steamer in the evening and got the mail. Willie, Mrs Simpson & George Davey drove over to Ti Point after an early lunch.