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Friday 22nd March 1918

It was a fine day.  After breakfast I went down to the beach and sieved sand and carried across to the wharf.  Afterwards called on Mrs Gravatt.  In the afternoon Willie took fruit down to the wharf,  Grace and Raymond went with him,  & they fished off the wharf & brought home a schnapper & some small fish.  I planted 8 clumps of Daffodils in the Diamond Bed.


Thursday 21st March 1918

It was a fine day.  After the rain the wind has changed to the west.  The strong wind we have been experiencing has blown down a quantity of pine cones and the ground is strewn with pine needles.  I commenced to plant Daffodils, I planted 8 clumps on the border next the roses opposite the summer house.  In the evening I went down for the mail and changed my books at the Library.  Mrs Knowles called in the evening.  I sieved sand in the morning & Willie hauled up.


Tuesday 19th March 1918

The wind was still blowing strong from the NE.  The steamer did not come last night nor to day.  The wind has done damage in my garden in breaking down Dahlias, Cosmeas and other plants.  I was getting & preparing kerbing and fixing it.


Sunday 17th March 1918

It was a beautiful day.  I went to Mr Whitakers in the afternoon, he showed me the curio’s that his son Charlie had sent from Palestine.  Mrs D. Darroch & Mrs Wat Darroch were at Jims for tea.


Friday 15th March 1918

It was a very fine day.  I went with the cream cart as far as Robert Williams, I took Mrs W some Dahlias & Rouvaidias, had dinner there and Mrs W drove in their sulky back to Jim Dunnings, Jim was away at Warkworth to a sale, but returned for tea, I staid the night.


Wednesday 13th March 1918

It was a very fine day.  Willie took the Box of Eggs down to the steamer in the sulky before breakfast.  I finished digging the piece of ground the top side of the house.  In the evening there was a meeting of the Mutual Improvement Society in the Hall.  Mr A. Matheson presided.  The subject for discussion was, “Should Dalmations be allowed to acquire land”