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Monday 28th October 1918

It was fine.   I was still confined to my bed with a bad back  (lumbago).  The body of Frank Witten who was drowned off the Kawau on the 16th ultimo was found on one of the islands near the Kawau and was brought to Pakiri and was buried there this afternoon, we never heard anything about it until the pm when Mrs Simpson went down for the mail  met several people coming back from the funeral.  Mrs S  did not get the mail as she heard that this was Labour Day  (Holiday) & the P. O.s  were closed.

Willie planted Homestead & Canadian Wonder beans in the new garden.


Sunday 27th October 1918

There was heavy rain early in the morning, but it cleared up and was a fine day.  My bad was still bad and I staid in bed all day.  Revd Orchard held service in the pm, but no one went from here.


Friday 25th October 1918

It was a fine day and the ground is drying up.  After breakfast I went down for the mail  that came last night.

I weeded the second row of Stratagem Peas and stuck them,  I had not quite enough sticks so I went down to the barley paddock and got some more.  There was a miscellaneous entertainment in the Hall in the evening given by the local W. C. Y. U.  in aid of the Mine Sweepers,  the entertainment consisted of songs , recitations & a dialogue entitled ‘Is marriage a failure?’   the ladies provided supper.  Willie and Grace went, but Mrs Simpson and I staid at home,  while I was working in the pm I felt as if I going to have a bad back and it got worse in the evening.


Thursday 24th October 1918

The wind was blowing very cold from the S.  –  it was perishing cold out of doors so I could not work outside.

I went down for the mail in the evening, but the coach between Kaipara Flats and Warkworth had broken down and the mail would not arrive at Leigh until 8 or 9 pm so I came home without it.


Wednesday 23rd October 1918

It was a very wet day,  I was not able to do any thing in the garden.  Willie took the sulky down to meet the steamer in the afternoon,  Grace and Raymond came up from Auckland by her, and they had a very rough trip.


Tuesday 22nd October 1918

It rained last night and early this morning and the ground was very wet and I was not able to do anything in the garden. In the afternoon pared weeds off the ground in the new garden ready for planting beans.  I went down the barley paddock and carried up the bean sticks I had cut down there and I cut a few more and carried them up.


Monday 21st October 1918

It was fine in the morning, but the wind is only W.  Willie earthed up Potatoes in the new garden.  I broke the ground up which had been previously dug and planted a double row of Homestead or Kentucky  Wonder bean,  also manured a trench and dug beyond it.  It came on to rain about 4 pm.