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Sunday 25th April 1915

The wind is blowing from E. Mrs Handby and Agnes were here for dinner. We went down to Church in the afternoon. Revd R. A. Macdonald conducted service. Congregation fair, Collection 11/-

Thursday 22nd April 1915

It was a fine day. I was working in the flower garden all day planting and weeding, the latter have grown very much since I have been away. In the evening I went down for the mail and attended the Library. Ernest Wyatt audited the Hall books for me. There was a meeting of the Ratepayers Association but I did not stop for it.

Wednesday 21st April 1915

It was a fine day. I returned home in the morning. Planted some Gladioli bulbs that Mrs McKinlay gave me.
Went down to the Steamer in the afternoon. Captn Ohlsen is away for a holiday and Albert Hansen is in his place. The furniture for the Church & myself came by the Steamer & Willie hauled mine up in the evening.
John Greenwood hauled that for the Church in the afternoon and stored it in the cottage.

Tuesday 20th April 1915

It was a fine day. The first thing in the morning I planted some bulbs that Mrs McKinlay gave me. Afterwards I went to Mrs G. Knaggs to fix up her Pension paper. Roddie McKinnon and his intended Miss Anderson were staying there but were going away by the steamer to day. I went down to the village with them. In the afternoon I walked over to Jims and staid all night.

Monday 19th April 1915

As I am going home to day I took my luggage across to town and down to the Steamer. I was busy all morning making purchases and taking them down to the steamer. Returned to the Wallaces for lunch and then said good bye to good friends and went across to Auckland and down to the “Kawau” steamer. We left at 2pm. Bowden Birdsall & Eddie were fellow passengers. We arrived at Leigh at 7pm. Willie & Grace came to meet me with the sulky.

Sunday 18th April 1915

Went across to town in the morning to attend service at St Matthews church. I heard the chimes on the bells for the first time. The Governor Lord Liverpool was present.
Revd Jasper Balder preached a very good sermon. Returned to the Shore for dinner & in the afternoon Mr W & I took a walk down Calliope Rd.

Friday 16th April 1915

Went across to Auckland in the morning and up to Laidlaw Leeds new warehouse in Hobson St to order some goods for the Church and for myself. Had dinner in town and in the afternoon I went to the Autumn Show which was held in the Horticultural Hall in the Domain. There was a splendid exhibit of Dahlias and Chrysanthemums. Mr Grindrod gave me a complimentary ticket and I saw him at the show.
In the evening Mr Wallace & I went to the Pictures at Devonport.