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Wednesday 25th November 1914

It was a fine day. I went across to Auckland in the morning, took the car to Ponsonby and called on Mr Felton who lives in O’Neil St. Although he only has a small allotment he has it in all in cultivation in flowers and vegetables, he showed me round his garden which I enjoyed very much. Had lunch there. In the afternoon I went to the Domain to see the gardens and where the Exhibition buildings stood. Returned to the Shore.


Tuesday 24th November 1914

Went across to Auckland in the morning, returned to the shore for lunch and in the afternoon I went across again in the afternoon, took the Remuera car as far as St Mark’s avenue, called on Mrs Carr at Hall’s avenue but found her out. I then went to the Ellerslie Race Course to look at the gardens, which are beautiful. Walked up to Arney Road where I met Mr Spedding, and went home with him, they have a beautiful place in Bell road. Mr S. goes in for Roses and he has some beautiful ones, had tea there and a nice chat with Mr S. who is an enthusiastic gardener. I caught the 8.30pm tram at the top of Arney road and went across to the shore in the 9pm boat, rode up in the motor buss, there was a misty rain and I got a little wet. Found Charlie Ballantine & his wife at Mr Wand they were playing 500.


Sunday 22nd November 1914

It was a fine day.  Mr W. & I attended service at Trinity Church in the morning,  Revd Chitty, the blind clergyman preached, in the afternoon I went out to Mt Eden to Mr Grudrods, had a look round his garden, had afternoon tea and returned to the shore,
Mr W.  & I went to the Presbyterian church in the evening.

Saturday 21st November 1914

Went across to Auckland in the morning and visited the park. In the afternoon Mr Wallace & I went to Ken Wallaces place at Bayswater.  Mr W.  & I walked down to the end of the point to Mr Inksters place, a friend of the Feltons and Mrs R. Williams, he has about an acre and it is all planted with flowers & shrubs, they seem very nice people and I enjoyed my visit. Ken & Tillie came to the Wallaces in the evening.

Friday 20th November 1914

We called at the Orakei Wharf to land some sheep and arrived in Auckland at 4.30. I went ashore later on and took the 7am boat across to the North Shore and walked  up to Mr Wallaces where I received a hearty welcome, after breakfast I went down to the works and had a hot bath and a sleep, after lunch I went across to Auckland, called on Mr Greudrod at his office and then went to the Horticultural Show which was held in one of the Exhibition buildings in the Domain, there was a large exhibit of Roses but the quality was not very good.


Thursday 19th November 1914

It was a fine day, the steamer made a round trip, I went down to the village and the wharf when she came in to get the mail. I was planting out Zinnias, Asters & Stocks and getting ready for going to Auckland. May Dunning is going to look after the Library in my absence. The “Kawau” left here at 9pm and I embarked, Willie was down to see me off, Joe Torkington was also a passenger.

Wednesday 18th November 1914

There was a misty rain in the morning and I seized the chance of planting out Zinnias, Stocks and Asters, but it soon cleared up, the sun came out and the wind changed to the SW and blew strong. Went down to the village in the afternoon to post a letter and to take a bunch of roses to the butcher for his wife.

Willie was cutting open tins for spraying.


Tuesday 17th November 1914

It was a fine day. Planted out Corn flowers, Zinnias, Stocks & Asters. Willie drove Grace and Mrs Simpson to Ti Point in the morning,
Mrs S. remained there. Mr & Mrs R. Williams drove over in the afternoon to have a look at the garden, they staid for tea.

Monday 16th November 1914

It rained last night and early this morning, it was not very heavy but it has freshened up everything. The Jersey Cow (Kate) calved a bull calf.

I went down to the village in the pm to post letters, saw Mr Mauder M.P who is going to speak this evening. Heard with regret of the death of Lord Roberts while on duty in France. We all went to Mr Mauders meeting in the evening, Mr Jas Greenwood occupied the chair.  A vote of thanks and confidence was carried.