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Friday 21st August 1914

It was a fine day. Willie & I were cutting tea tree on the road outside our fence in front. In the afternoon I went down to meet the Kawau from Auckland, the Kawau did not proceed to Mangawai on account of the easterly wind but went back to the Kawau.


Wednesday 19th

It rained heavily last night but was fine today. In the morning I was helping Willie cut tea tree in the front. In the afternoon I went down to meet the steamer, the wind was blowing strong from SE and the steamer had a rough trip. Willie carried a box of Eggs down to the wharf. Len Wyatt spent the evening here.


Tuesday 18th

It rained last night but was pretty fine to day. I was helping Willie cut tea tree in the front both morning & afternoon. There was a heavy shower late in the afternoon and had to come home after getting wet.

Monday 17th

It was a fine day. I was helping Willie cut tea tree in the front in the morning, while we were down there we heard the Kawau which had just arrived from Auckland, I went down to the P.O. to get the mail. I planted 12 beef tins with Sweet Peas in the afternoon.

Sunday 16th

It was a fine day. Mrs Simpson, Flo & Mr Glass were here for dinner. We all went down to the Hall in the afternoon, Mr Seton conducted service and gave us a very good sermon. There was a good congregation, Collecn 10/. I went up to Willie Dunnings for tea and spent a very pleasant evening.


Saturday 15th

My 71st Birthday. It was a fine day. Willie went fishing to Ti Point but only brought home a few small fish. I went down to the village in the afternoon, met Mr Seton, Anglican Student who is going to hold services here tomorrow, he was on his way to Pakiri. I carried up some sand. Mr Glass came to spend the evening and staid the night.

Thursday 13th

It was a showery day. I went down to the wharf in the morning. The Kawau was supposed to leave here at 1pm but according to Auckland port regulations all vessels have to be in port before sundown, so the Kawau had to leave here before her advertised time. The men who had volunteered for foreign service went up by her.

I went down to the village in the evening to get the mail and attend the Library.

Wednesday 12th

It was a fine day. The Chairman & some of the members of the Country Council came over to confer as to what is to be done with the Stonebreaker, several settlers met them on the wharf in the afternoon in the wharf shed to discuss the matter. There was also a meeting of Ratepayers in the Hall in the evening, Mr Ja’ Greenwood occupied the chair, the Chairman of the County Council was also present, a motion unanimously carried that the Stonecrusher be sold and removed. There was a dance afterwards as a send off to Eddie Wyatt and Angus Dunning who are leaving tomorrow morning having volunteered their services to the home government in this war against Germany.