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Tuesday 20th August 1918

It was a very fine day.  Grace went up to John Greenwoods with Mrs Jas Greenwood  to spend the day returning late in the evening.

Willie planted out some more Lemon trees in the farm orchard in the morning. and in the afternoon he went fishing on the reef and brought home a lot of fish.  I continued pruning roses.


Monday 19th August 1918

It was a very fine calm day.  Willie planted out some young Lemon trees of his own raising in the farm orchard.  I was pruning roses all day.  In the evening I had a splitting headache and was glad to get to bed.


Sunday 18th August 1918

It was a very fine calm day.  I read service in the Church in the afternoon.  There were 29 present  Offeratory 10/-

After Church I went up with the Jas  Greenwoods and had tea there, they have made great improvements round the house, concrete paths and steps to the front veranda.  I was sorry to hear that they are leaving the place to Ernie who is to be married shortly to Irene Dunning, and are going to live near Auckland.


Saturday 17th August 1918

It was a very fine day.  After breakfast I went down to the village to get the mail called in at the Church and arranged the flowers in the vases .  Afterwards helped Willie plant Potatoes, we finished planting them by evening.  There are now planted 12 rows, ½ Cwt of Northern Star and ½ Cwt of Up to Dates.


Friday 16th August 1918

It was a very fine day.  After breakfast I went down to the P. O to get the overland mail that came last night,  afterwards helped Willie plant Potatoes in the new garden.

In the afternoon I sowed seeds of Lettuce in a tin near the front veranda, earthed up the Cabbage & Cauliflower plants, and loosened round the Daffodils in the diamond bed and sprinkled shell sand round them.  Flo’ came over from Ti Point in the afternoon and took her mother  (Mrs Simpson) back with her.

Wednesday 14th August 1918

It rained heavily last night and early this morning,  Willie & I continued planting Potatoes in the new garden, there were a few slight showers .  In the afternoon I went down to the steamer, Jane returned home and Jim came to meet her, but as the roads are so bad he thought it best for her to go round to Ti Point in the steamer and he would take a sulky to meet her at the pipi bank.
Willie took a box of eggs down to the wharf and hauled up groceries and ½ Cwt Seed Potatoes  (Up to Dates).  It rained heavily in the evening.


Monday 12th August 1918

It was a very fine day.  Willie was transplanting carrots in the garden.  I was fixing up the piece of ground the upper side of the closet to cultivate again.  I had to get rails to mend up the fence  & I started to dig it, it was full of rank grass, bones and pieces of wood  & blackberries.


Sunday 11th August 1918

It was a fine day, ‘tho dull & cold.  Mr Macdonald sent a wire yesterday that he was unable to take the service to day, so I held service in the Church at 2.30, there were 24 present, the Collection was 8/3 .