Saturday 31st August 1918

It was a very fine day.  Willie went fishing with Mr A. Dunning and Leslie Machardo and came home late in the evening with a lot of fish.

I was digging in the flower garden and I planted 30 Schalotte plants

Friday 30th August 1918

It was a very fine calm day.  Willie was digging in the new garden in the morning and he planted 60 strawberry plants in the piece of ground he fenced in near the closet.

I dug and manured a trench for Schalotts also cut grass on the path.
Mr & Mrs James Greenwood called in the afternoon.


Wednesday 28th August 1918

The wind was blowing strong from the S.  which will dry the ground and roads up.  I took some flowers down to the Hall for the wedding.  I found them busy there,  cutting up sandwiches & putting up tables.  Willie took a box of Eggs and he brought up my bags of gravel.

The marriage of Gladys Irene Dunning youngest daughter of Mr & Mrs A. Dunning to Ernest Walter Greenwood 5th son of Mr & Mrs James Greenwood was solemnized in the Leigh Hall this afternoon. The Hall was nicely decorated with nikau and flowers, the bridesmaids were Miss Dorothy Greenwood & Miss Hilda Dunning, the best man being Mr Alf Greenwood, brother of the bridegroom. The bridal party stood under a floral bell, the ceremony was performed by Revd  Gould (Presbyterian) of Warkworth, the hall was packed with invited guests.  Mrs Gravatt played the wedding march as the bridal party filed up the hall, the bride was given away by her father,  after the ceremony photographs were taken of the bridal party and also of a larger group when all adjourned to the hall again to partake of the wedding breakfast, the tables were laid on the stage and were loaded with all the appetising & dainty viands usual to such occasions,  a beautiful three decker wedding cake being on the table occupied by the happy couple & near relations.  The following toasts were proposed,  The King,  the bride & Bridegroom,  the parents of the above and the guests,  it took several relays to provide for such a large gathering.

A reception was held in the evening when the company was greatly augmented.  Mr Schollum & Mrs S. Smith supplied the dance music ,  the seniors played cards on the stage, supper was served early as the bride & bridegroom were leaving by steamer at midnight to spend the honeymoon at Rotorua,  A vote of thanks was passed to Mr & Mrs Dunning for their hospitality which was carried by singing ‘For they are jolly good fellows’,  Jane & children & Flo’ returned here and staid the night.


Tuesday 27th August 1918

There were several showers during the day.  After breakfast I went down to the beach to get some sand, but I found that the tide was in so I got some gravel and shells and put them in the shed.  I sowed seeds in shallow boxes of Centauria, Imperlalis, Antirrhinum, Calliopsis Tinctyra, Calliopsis Drummondi  &  Blue Larkspur.


Monday 26th August 1918

It was fine in the morning.  The cream cart driven by Gus Neeley commenced to run from Ashton’s creek to Matakana.
I returned in the morning, called at Mr Holder’s for some schalotte plants.  The roads were very heavy with the rain last night.
Willie fenced in the piece of ground above the closet.  I did some odd jobs but was tired with my walk this morning.  It rained again in the pm.


Sunday 25th August 1918

It rained last night and it was showery this morning.  Revd Gould conducted service in the Hall in the afternoon,  Jim, Jane, the children & I attended,  there were only 12 present.  Going back to Jims there was a shower and we took shelter on Mr Holder’s veranda, we got home dry, but it rained steadily all evening.


Saturday 24th August 1918

It was a fine day.  In the morning I sowed a row of Stratagem Peas the top side of the house.  Also sowed some Trophy Tomato seeds in a box.  Willie was digging in the new garden.

In the afternoon I walked over to the Claim to stay the weekend with Jim & Jane.  There was a working bee at the domain, there were four teams discing the paddock preparing it for oats, the ladies gave the men afternoon tea,  I called in at Mr Holders to take Miss Bond some Rose cuttings.  They gave me pm tea and had a long talk with Mr Holder about old times.  He showed me a bound number of the Albertland Gazette the first & the last issues.

It rained pretty steadily during the night.


Friday 23rd August 1918

It was a very fine day.  After breakfast I went down to the village to get the mail, the remainder of the day I was working at the top side of the house,  I prepared a trench to sow a row of peas,  I replanted the row of Peerless peas that came up badly, also sowed 12 seeds of some old Stratagem peas to see if they would grow, also dug between the cabbages.  Willie was digging up ground in the new garden.  Mrs Simpson returned from Ti Point in the afternoon, Grace went down to meet the steamer & got the mail.


Thursday 22nd August 1918

It was a very fine day.  Willie was digging ground in the new garden.  I dug between the cabbages, cauliflowers & peas the top side of the house, also planted 6 Cauliflower  &  12 Cabbage plants.

There was a meeting in the Hall in the evening to consider the advisability of making a presentation to the boys going to the war.  Willie & Grace went,  the discussion was very heated, when the motion was put to the meeting it was carried by 15 to 8.