Wednesday 31st July 1918

It was very fine in the morning, I went down to the barley paddock & pulled tea tree.  In the afternoon I went down to the village, the steamer was late coming in, and as it came on to rain I did not wait to get the mail.

Ernest Wyatt got his Oats drilled in to day in the paddock near the Hall, he has been interrupted in getting his Oats in in this paddock and the one opposite Gravatts by the wet weather.

Tuesday 30th July 1918

It was a fine day, but cold in the shade.  Willie was a little better, so he got up and remained up all day.  I got firewood for the kitchen and also logs for the dining room & my bedroom fires, also opened two kerosene cans and put handles to them.  Irene Dunning came in the afternoon and Mr & Mrs A. Dunning and Victor Smith came in the evening, we had phonograph selections & cards and had a very pleasant evening.


Monday 29th July 1918

It rained all last night & early this morning, it cleared up in the pm. but the wind was piercing cold from the S.

Willie got up to milk the cows but went to bed again as his cold is very bad.  I did not do anything outside, but employed myself in mending in my room with a good fire.


Sunday 28th July 1918

It was a fine day, but dull and a cold wind was blowing.
Revd Gould held service in the hall in the morning.  Mrs Simpson and I attended, there was a small congregation as so many are laid up with colds.  Mrs Simpson had dinner at Arch Dunnings.  I took a walk up to Willie Dunnings in the afternoon and staid tea.


Saturday 27th July 1918

It was a fine day.  In the morning I went down to the village to post some letters, called in to the Church to unpack the glass for the window that came yesterday, called at Dunnings to see the war news, and on my way home I cleared a track for a short cut.
Willie finished the gate near the pig sty.


Friday 26th July 1918

There was a heavy frost this morning .  Willie continued making the gate.  I made another manure heap the upper side of the house, and took up all the Dahlias & labeled them.  Went down to  meet the steamer in the afternoon.  Mr Woods sent the glass for the Church window.


Wednesday 24th July 1918

There was a heavy frost this morning and very cold, but it proved a very fine day, sunny and calm.

In the morning I pulled tea tree and in the afternoon I went down to the steamer, and got the mail, a great many people are laid up with colds and influenza.


Tuesday 23rd July 1918

It was a beautiful and calm morning and the sun shone out warm.
Willie was a little better and got up and milked the cows.  After breakfast Jim Wyatt came and told us that his grandfather & my brother in law John Wyatt had died last Sunday night at John Salts, Pakiri, and that he was to be buried in this cemetery this afternoon at 2 oclock.  I got firewood and Grace made a wreath.  The funeral was at 2 pm , there were a good few present considering the weather and the sickness that is prevalent.  I tolled the church bell and Revd Macdonald conducted the service at the grave.  There was a very big hail storm about noon, the heaviest I have ever experienced, it filled the gutters of our house and Willie had to get up and shovel it off.  It was very fine and bright for the funeral in the afternoon.


Monday 22nd July 1918

It was a very cold showery day.  Willie has influenza and was sitting by the fire all day,  I did not do anything outside but shelled and cleaned Pale Dun and Canadian Wonder Beans.