Tuesday 30th April 1918

Showery day, not so bad in the morning, but showers heavier and more frequent in the afternoon.  Willie was cutting clothes props.  I got some firewood in the morning, but remained in the house in the afternoon.  Jim Wyatt came in the evening.

Sunday 28th April 1918

It was dull & threatening in the morning, I was to have conducted service in the Church in the afternoon and we all were intending going, and I had started, but it came on a driving rain so I turned back and it was fortunate that I did as it rained heavily later on.


Saturday 27th April 1918

It was a fine day.  Mrs Pink  (Annie Rogers)  came for me to fix up her widows pension papers, she staid for lunch.  Grace went down to the steamer in the morning to get bread and down to the Church in the afternoon to dust and decorate.  Willie went fishing in the afternoon and also in the evening.  I was digging out convolvulus in the pigs paddock behind the summer house and also the other side of the fence in the garden.


Friday 26th April 1918

It was a fine day.  Willie was opening drains on the ploughed ground.  I was working in the flower garden all day digging and tidying up.  I received a letter from Lillie (Jacks wife) who came up to Auckland in the Mako and is staying with her sister Millie at New Lynn who is married.


Thursday 25th April 1918

It was a fine day.  Charlie Wyatt finished drilling the Western Wolts in the middle of the morning and Willie was boarding it in.  In the morning I planted a Chrysanthemon that Mrs D, Matheson gave me, also sowed some Stock seed.


Wednesday 24th April 1918

It was a fine day and the ground is drying up.

Charlie Wyatt came to drill the Western Wolts in the ploughed ground.  Willie took the horse and trap down to the wharf and hauled up the seed and the phospate which is drilled along with the seed.

In the morning I planted in the three corner bed, some bulbs of Vallotta or Scarborough Lily, also 1 Doz Renunculus &
2 Doz Anemones.

In the afternoon I took bags over to Duncan Mathesons and got sand, had afternoon tea there,  Dan Kempt brought me and my sand over to the wharf and hauled it up to our gate.  I got the bread and meat from the steamer, and I posted a parcel of bulbs to Lily.
There was a Debate in the Hall in the evening on ‘Is Tea harmful or not.  Willie & Grace went.


Tuesday 23rd April 1918

It was a fine day.  Willie planted 2 rows of carrots in the new garden.  I was burning fern below the stockyard.  Ella Matheson came in the afternoon , Grace was not very well and did not get up until after she came.  I showed Ella round the garden & gave her some flower plants to take home.

In the afternoon I went down to see Tom Ashton thrashing wheat at Ab’s shed, took some bulbs to Archie Morley, carried up some sand.


Monday 22nd April 1918

It was a very fine day.  Wind from the SW.   Willie was digging the kumeras.  I was cutting & burning fern outside the stockyard.  In the evening Willie & Grace went down to meet the steamer to get some bread.


Sunday 21st April 1918

It rained steadily all day, it cleared up a little in the afternoon just before church time, I went down to the church, but there were only 10 present, Revd Macdonald gave us a very good sermon.  Collection 7/5