Sunday 31st March 1918

Easter Sunday.   It was a very showery day.  Willie took the sulky to Matakana to fetch Mr & Mrs Glass home, having come from Auckland by train to Kaipara Flats yesterday, he found the roads very heavy after the late rains, he did not get home until nearly 5 pm.  Mr & Mrs Glass staid at Mr Archie Dunnings for the night.

I conducted service in the Church at 2.30 pm, there were about 30 present the Collection amounted to 12/- and according to custom it is to be given to the Vicar as an Easter Offering.

Saturday 30th March 1918

There was misty rain in the morning , but it turned out not a bad day.  Jane & the children returned home in the cream cart, I went down with them to Archie Dunnings.

I was planing up some garden labels.  Took flowers down to the Church in the pm.


Friday 29th March 1918

There were a few slight showers in the morning, but otherwise it was a fine day.  Jane went to see the Jas Greenwoods in the morning returning here in the afternoon,  she then went to see the Arthur Greenwoods.

In the afternoon Willie took Hector with him and went out in a boat fishing with Leslie Machards in this harbour, he brought home a few fish.  The “Kawau” came in from Auckland while Willie was down there so he got some bread.

In the afternoon I dug round some small apple trees.

Jane made some hot X buns.


Thursday 28th March 1918

It rained last night and continued nearly all day.  I was not able to do anything out of doors,  Jane and her children who staid at Archie Dunnings last night, came up here when there was a lull in the rain.  Willie went down for the mail in the evening, but there was no steamer.


Wednesday 27th March 1918

It was still blowing hard from the NE.  In the morning Willie took the Eggs down to the steamer and he carted up my sand.  I cut the grass on the paths and tidied up the flower garden.  In the afternoon I took the sulky over to Jims and brought Jane over to go to the concert this evening.

All of us went to the concert in the Hall given by the Mutual Improvement Society.


Tuesday 26th March 1918

It was a very fine day.  Willie was digging out paspalum in the orchard.  I was working in the flower garden.

I planted 2 clumps Grand Monarque Narcissus and some bulbs of Lachanalia in a box.  I sowed seeds of Enfield Market Cabbage & Cauliflower.

I went down to the beach in the afternoon and carried 3 bags sand over to the wharf for Willie to cart up for me tomorrow.


Monday 25th March 1918

It was a very fine day.  Willie was digging out paspalum in the orchard.  I was working in the flower garden all day.
I planted 9 clumps of Daffodils & 2 clumps of Paper White Narcissus.


Sunday 24th March 1918

It was a fine day.  In the afternoon I walked up to Mr Jas Greenwoods, had a look round his place and had tea there, from there I walked down to the church , Mr Macdonald conducted the service, there were 30 present.  Collection 11/- .  I gave Mr Macdonald a letter to give to Mr Goerty containing  7  £1 notes, being our contribution to the Church for the half year ending the 31st March.


Saturday 23rd March 1918

It was a fine day.  I finished planting Daffodils in the Diamond bed,  also planted a clump of Fresias & Dwarf Pink Gladiolus.  After I had finished I took some flowers down to the church, fixed up the window the storm broke and trimmed the lamps ready for tomorrow nights service.


Friday 22nd March 1918

It was a fine day.  After breakfast I went down to the beach and sieved sand and carried across to the wharf.  Afterwards called on Mrs Gravatt.  In the afternoon Willie took fruit down to the wharf,  Grace and Raymond went with him,  & they fished off the wharf & brought home a schnapper & some small fish.  I planted 8 clumps of Daffodils in the Diamond Bed.