Sunday 17th February 1918

It was a fine day.  Willie, Grace & Mrs Simpson drove to Ti Point to spend the day at Harolds.  Mrs S  remained there and George & Gertie returned with them in the evening.   I attended the Methodist service in the Hall in the pm (Revd Southern)  and afterwards I walked down to Goat Island with Dave and we had tea at Alec Mathesons.


Friday 15th February 2018

It rained nearly all day.  I did not stir out in the morning, but busied myself in making a plan & specification of gates &c for the Hall fence.  In the pm I went down for the mail that came last night, and afterwards went to A. Greenwoods.  Willie & Dave were sieving their charcoal, but on account of the rain he came home early and cut a lot of firewood.


Wednesday 13th February 2018

It was a fine day, but the wind is still blowing strong from E.   In the morning I was preparing kerbing and fixing them.  In the afternoon I took the sulky down to the wharf with a box of Eggs,  got the horse shod, the steamer was late in coming in and she had a rough trip,  I got the bread and meat & mail & carted up a bag of sugar & box of sundries.


Tuesday 12th February 2018

A fine day, but the wind has changed round to the east again and is blowing pretty strong.  Willie & Dave were watching their kiln.  I went down to the creek near where they are working & carried up a bag of sand, called in to the farm orchard for Tomatoes,  was fixing kerbing in the flower garden,  took up & replanted clumps of Blue Babiana & Tiger Lily.

Monday 11th February 2018

It rained heavily early this morning, but it turned out a fine day.  Wille & Dave set fire to the kiln.  I was working in the flower garden.  I took up and replanted a clump of Purple Babianas.  Cut grass on the paths.  There was a friendly cricket match at the Claim during the day, and Miss Bond the Leigh Carnival Queen gave an At home in the Claim Hall this evening.

Sunday 10th February 2018

It was a fine day. Dave & I drove over to the Claim to spend the day with Jim & Jane. We all went to church in the Claim Hall in the afternoon. Revd Gould officiated. We returned to Jims for tea and then started for home, it came on a misty rain & Jim lent me a coat.

George, Gertie, Harold & Flo came here to spend the day and staid the night.

Saturday 9th February 2018

It was rather a dull day.  George,  Gertie & Flo returned to Ti Point after breakfast.

I transported a clump of White  Capupanula, also a clump of Purple Babiand, and planted 2 clumps of Dwarf Pink Gladiolus.   In the afternoon I went down to the beach and carried 3 bags of sand over to the wharf for Dave to cart up for me,  after I came back I went up the hill and got some tea tree which I sawed up into blocks for kerbing.


Friday 8th February 2018

It was a fine day.  Mrs Simpson came up by the steamer,  Grace went down to the wharf to meet her.  Willie & Dave were sieving & bagging their  charcoal, it turned out 60 sacks.

George Davey,  Gertie & Flo came over here in the afternoon and staid the night.  I finished fixing the kerbing round the diamond bed, got some tea tree from the hill sawed it into blocks and sharpened them.   A. Haskell came in the afternoon for me to witness his signature.