Monday 10th December 1917

The wind was blowing strong from N,  and in the evening there were driving showers.  Willie & Dave were watching the charcoal kiln. in the evening it had but just burned out.

In the morning I was working in the garden.  I transplanted  a Cosmea & a Hannaimania.  In the afternoon I was working in the new vegetable garden preparing the ground for a row of beans.  In the evening there was a short service in the Church and Archdeacan Hawkins who was chaplin to the 1st Maori Expeditionary force gave a very interesting address on his experiences in France.  Although the weather was very unpromising there were 40 present .  The collection of  £1 . 4 .   was for the Church Army work at the seat of war.


Saturday 8th December 1917

It rained heavily last night, or rather early  this morning, but it turned out  a beautiful day.  The wind has at last changed round to SW.   I was working in my garden , one of the three corner beds which before the rain I had a difficulty in getting a spade into now I could dig with ease.  I was principally engaged in weeding.
Willie and Dave covered in their charcoal kiln and set a light to it in the afternoon .  Late in the pm I took some flowers to the Church.

Friday 7th December 1917

When we got up in the morning we found it had been raining during the night and it kept on a misty rain.  Where the ground had been worked fine the rain has sunk deep, but in the rough clods it has not penetrated far.  It has been raining nearly all day.  Willie & Dave were unable on account of the weather to work at the charcoal.


Thursday 6th December 1917

It was a fine day, but cloudy in the afternoon, and in the evening it came on a misty rain, which did not last long, but I think rain is not far off.

Willie & Dave were hauling wood & building their kiln.  I went down to see them in the pm and carried up some creek sand.  I planted a bleeding heart near the citron tree and a cosmea where the red sunflowers had not grown.  Went down for the mail in the evening.  There was to be a meeting in the Hall about getting up a Patriotic Carnival,  Delegates were to come over from Warkworth to explain the matter,  none of us went.


Wednesday 5th December 1917

It was a very hot day.  Wind still blowing from the E.   Willie and Dave were hauling out their wood.

I planted 2 Zinnias near the front gate.  Wrote a letter to Mr Wallace and posted it in the afternoon , while at the village heard that the steamer was not going to leave Auckland until 1 pm.  Willie went down after tea to get the bread, meat and mail.  Willie Dunning came in the evening to bring me 2 boxes strawberries & a newspaper.

Tuesday 4th December 1917

It was a very fine day.  Willie and Dave were cutting wood for another charcoal kiln.

My back was rather bad so I was unable to do much outside.  In the evening Willie got a wire from the Adjutant General saying that he had been called up in the ballot (second division)


Monday 3rd December 1917

It was a very fine day.  I finished digging the border leading to the front gate , raked up all the leaves.  The “Kawau” started the Monday trips again, she arrived in the evening.  Dave returned by her.