Sunday 30th December 1917

It was a fine day.  There was  H. C.  in the Church at
8 am, but I did not attend.  I went with the cream cart over to the Claim for morning service,  Revd Macdonald officiating.

I afterwards went to Jims for dinner and tea and walked back to Leigh to evening service.  There was a good congregation, about 40.  Collection.    Communion 3/9   Evening 15/-     Total  18/9 .

Saturday 29th December 1917

It was a fine day with the exception of a few showers in the pm.  In the morning I went down to the wharf to take a bunch of roses to Captn Ohlson, as the “Kawau” called in there from Mangawai at about 10 am,  I called in at the Church and found RevdMacdonald there, he is camping at C. Gravatts with a boy.  There was a picnic at the Koeroa beach which was largely attended, Willie & Grace went to it, it was a send off to Ian Matheson who is home on his last leave.   I took some flowers down to decorate the Church in the afternoon.


Friday 28th December 1917

There was slight rain in the morning, but it turned out a hot day.  Willie finished spraying in this orchard and then sprayed the Tomatoes in the farm orchard.  He took the sulky down to the wharf with his eggs in the pm,  the “Kawau” arrived from Auckland and Dave came up.

I was cutting docks round the house.


Thursday 27th December 1917

It was a very hot day.  Tom Ashton finished cutting Ernest Wyatt’s wheat near the Hall.

Willie was spraying in this orchard.  After breakfast I went down to the flat as Peter Louie wanted to see me on business.  I went for the mail in the evening.


Wednesday 26th December 1917

It was a very fine day.  Willie, Grace & Raymond drove to Matakana to spend the day at John Came’s.   I was not very well so stopped at home.  I planted a Petunia that Mrs D. Matheson gave me.  Mrs Knowles came in the evening and then they all went down to the Hall to a patriotic social.  I staid at home.

I heard afterwards that over £8 was taken at the social last night.


Tuesday 25th December 1917

Christmas Day.  The weather was very fine and not so much wind .  We spent a quiet day at home.  Had a good Xmas dinner.   I conducted service in the Church in the evening, 35 present.  Collection which was for the Vicarage Fund  17/-


Monday 24th December 1917

It was a fine day, ‘tho very windy.  I planted out 4 Canterbury Bells & 1 Verbena .  In the afternoon I went to Duncan Mathesons,  I took Mrs D some Roses and I begged some white flowers to decorate the Church for tomorrows evening Christmas service.   Willie was spraying the fruit trees in this orchard.  Willie & Grace went to the Mutual Improvement Meeting in the school in the evening.


Sunday 23rd December 1917

It was a fine day, but very windy.  Willie, Grace & Raymond drove to Ti Point to spend the day with Joe, Minnie & Family,  I should have gone, but my back was too bad & I did not care to venture in the wind.  I attended the Methodist service in the afternoon.


Saturday 22nd December 1917

There was rain first thing this morning, but it soon cleared up and turned out a fine day.  Willie  & Dave were carting their charcoal down to the wharf.

In the morning I went down to the wharf to get the mail.  A working bee was erecting the fence at the Hall.


Friday 21st December 1917

It was a fine day.  I was working in the garden in the morning, in the afternoon I went down to the flat where Willie and Dave are burning charcoal,  their kiln has burned out and so they are sieving and bagging it, I sowed the bags up,  there were 60 in the kiln.