Monday 12th November 1917

It was a fine day, the ground is getting very dry, and rain is much needed. Willie and Dave commenced building their charcoal Kiln at the Koeroa. I was working in the flower garden, I finished digging the round bed, before I had finished my back became bad. After breakfast I went down to the Post Office to make a declaration before Mrs Harper as D.R.O for County election.


Friday 9th November 1917

Henry’s 44th Birthday.

It was a very fine day. Dave went to his place and was working there all day. Willie and Grace drove down to Goat Island beach, called at Alex Mathesons.

I was working in the flower garden all day. I planted 3 Zinnias and commenced to dig the round bed.


Thursday 8th November 1917

It was a very hot day. Willie helped Dave dig some new Potatoes at his place Dave carted them down (10 Sugar bags full) to the Steamer and carted up for Willie 1 Sk Maize 100? Calf Food. I planted 2 Cosmeas & 3 Zinneas.

In the evening I went down for the mail, there was  public Meeting in the Hall to form a Mutual Improvement Society. I was Chairman. A Committee of Management and Officers were appointed.


Wednesday 7th November 1917

It was a very fine day. Willie & Dave went down to the Koeroa and started making a charcoal Kiln. In the afternoon they continued earthing up Potatoes. Dave took his trap down to the wharf when the steamer arrived and carted fowl feed up to his place. In the morning I went down to the beach and carried sand round to the wharf, and W. Dunning carted it up to our gate for me. I planted several plants that Mrs Wallace gave me (Calliopsis) also 1 Cosmea.

Tuesday 6th November 1917

It was a fine day. I finished weeding the Onions in the morning in the farm orchard. In the afternoon I was fixing the Kerbing of the round bed. Willie & Dave finished digging round the fruit trees and then commenced earthing up the Potatoes.


Monday 5th November 1917

It was a very fine day. In the morning I went over to the farm orchard and weeded half the Onions. In the afternoon I dug up the long bed. News came this afternoon that Captain Ashton (Charlie) had been Killed in action in Palestine.


Sunday 4th November 1917

It was a very fine day.

After an early cup of tea I went round to tell the people about the service this afternoon, had breakfast at Arthur Greenwood’s. Called at Alex Haskell’s to cheer them up a bit.

Held service in the Church at 2.30. 24 present. Collection 8/3. Dave was down at his place straightening things up.


Saturday 3rd November 1917

It was a fine day. Felt better this morning so I got up early.

Dave took his trap down to the village in the morning to get some empty egg boxes, so I went down with him to get some sand, but the tide was full in, so I got some gravel. Cut the pears on the path from the front gate. Maggie Harper brought a wire from Mr Macdonald saying that he had received an accident and asking me to take the service tomorrow so I arranged to have service at 2.30.