Thursday 29th November 1917

There was a slight rain first thing in the morning, but it soon cleared up and turned out a very fine day.

Dave went to Auckland in the “Kawau” which left here about 10am. Willie carted the remainder of the charcoal down to the wharf, the “Kawau” did not take any of their charcoal as she was full up with gum from Mangawai.

I took up and replanted several Dahlias near the summer house, also 5 Zinnias. I went down for the mail in the evening, there was a meeting of Fruitgrowers in the Library,  Mr Morrison of Warkworth attended to explain the business of the Fruitgrower’s federation.

Wednesday 28th November 1917

It was a very hot day. In the morning I weeded the Peas in the farm orchard. In the afternoon I went down to the steamer. Received a letter from Henry. Willie & Dave were carting their charcoal down to the wharf. In the evening there was a debate in the School on the subject “If Prohibition were carried should the Liquor trade be compensated.” Willie, Jim Wyatt and I took the affirmative and Mrs Knowles, Mr Glass, Beatie Wyatt and Jessie Wyatt took the negative. On being put to the meeting the negative had the greatest number of votes.


Tuesday 27th November 1917

It was a very hot day. After breakfast I went down to the beach and carried across to the wharf 3 bags Sand. Called in at the store for 2 hanks twine and a tin of paint for Willie & Dave, after lunch I took these things down to them, they finished sieving and sacking the second kiln, they got 3 sacks out of the 2 kilns.

I transplanted a Michaelmas Daisy.


Monday 26th November 1917

It was a very fine day. Willie and Dave sieved and bagged one of their Kilns of charcoal.

In the morning I went over to the farm orchard and stuck & tied up the Tomatoes. In the afternoon I took up & replanted the Nerine Sarniensis, also a yellow Chrysanthemum and planted 3 Larkspurs. Went down to see Willie & Dave, carried up a billy of soil. Went down to the village, Mr Torkington came up with me and staid for tea.


Saturday 24th November 1917

It was a fine day. After breakfast I went down for the mail, called at Mrs G. Wyatts, carried up a bag of sand. W. Dunning gave me a ride up to our gate. Worked in the garden, planted 2 Miniature Sunflowers that Mrs G. Wyatt gave me, also 3 Zinnias. In the pm I went down to the Koeroa flat where Willie & Dave are burning charcoal. Carried up a billy of creek sand.

Friday 23rd November 1917

It was a very fine day. I helped Willie milk the cows morning & evening as Dave could not leave the Kilns. I was working in the flower garden all day. I planted 2 Ivy Leaved Geraniums I got from the farm orchard, the cuttings came from Mrs R. Williams.


Thursday 22nd November 1917

It was a very fine day. After breakfast I walked to Mr Ashworths for him to witness my signature, called in at A. Haskells and then went down to the Post Office to get a Postal Note for 8/- to send to A. Yates to pay for the little plants that I got from them.

When I returned home I was fixing up the fence of the front garden to keep the foals out, took up and replanted some double premieres. Willie & Dave set fire to their Kilns. Went down for the mail in the evening.


Wednesday 21st November 1917

It was fine in the morning. The rain we had yesterday has done a great deal of good in softening the hard lumps, I was out in the garden before breakfast with the rake breaking the lumps and smoothing the surface, after breakfast I was out in the garden planting the Antirrhinum plants about a doz that Annabel Knaggs gave me, also planted out some Zinnias and a Fuchsia and some Larkspurs.

Duncan Knaggs called in the afternoon so I had to come inside, and while he was here it commenced to rain again and it rained steadily. Willie & Dave went to work, but came home in the afternoon wet through.