Wednesday 10th October 1917

It was fine in the morning. I took a sieve down to the beach & sieved a lot of sand, which I carried across to the wharf for Willie to haul up. It came on a gentle rain in the middle of the day and continued all afternoon and evening, Willie took the sulky down to Mr Glass’ to get his box of eggs which he carted down to the wharf with his own. Mr Glass came up by the steamer.


Sunday 7th October 1917

It was fine in the morning, the wind was blowing strong from NW but in the afternoon the wind changed to SW and it rained.

Mr Macdonald held service in the church in the afternoon, all of us attended, Congregation 20, Collection 10/1.


Saturday 6th October 1917

It was a fine day, but wind blowing strong from NE. Willie sowed a long row of Carrots in the new garden.

I sowed a long row of Stratagem Peas in the farm orchard, also 6 Tomato plants and some flower plants & cuttings.

Grace attended a meeting of the W.C.T.U. in the pm.


Friday 5th October 1917

It was a fine day but the wind has changed to the NE, I left Wallaces’ at about 10.30am and went over to Auckland, called on Mr Grindrod at his office, did some shopping and then embarked on the Kawau on the return trip to Leigh at 2pm. We arrived at 7.30 after a pretty rough trip, Willie was down to meet me and went straight home. Mrs Knowles was spending the evening there.  There was a Patriotic dance in the Hall but none of us went.

Thursday 4th October 1917

It was a fine day. Willie took the sulky down to the wharf with the eggs. Willie Harper came up to tell me that someone in Auckland wanted to see me and asking me to go up by the Kawau this morning which was leaving here at He said the message came from Devonport but he could not catch the name of the sender, so I concluded that the call came from Mr Wallace, so I quickly got ready and caught the boat, we had a calm trip up arriving in Auckland at 3.30 pm.

I then found that a mistake had been made, it was Mr Glass who was wanted, Mr Betham was on the wharf, he lives at Takapuna and Mrs Glass is staying with them, and is ill. On arrival I sent a wire to Willie telling the mistake and then went across to Devonport, the Wallaces were very pleased to see me. Mr Wallace & I went to the pictures in the evening.


Wednesday 3rd October 1917

It was a very calm fine day. I was digging between the roses near the wire netting fence. In the afternoon I went down to the steamer to get the mail. Grace & Raymond went round in the steamer to Ti Point.

Tuesday 2nd October 1917

It was a fine day. I dug sufficient ground in the farm orchard to sow in a row of peas. I opened out a trench and put into it cow & fowl manure, and blood & bone & superphosphate mixed and then covered it in ready for sowing, but the ground was rather wet for making the drill for the seed. Willie was re-fixing the separator in the store. In the evening I went down to Archie Dunning and spent a very pleasant time at cards.