Monday 10th September 1917

It was thundering, lightening & raining last night. It was very fine this morning. After breakfast I went down to the village to see Revd Macdonald. I gave him a letter for Mr Goertz containing a £5 note as our contribution to the Church fund for the half year ending 30th September 1917. Willie was pruning trees, Dave was here for dinner and afterward he and Willie cleared a track on the farm flat where they are going to burn charcoal. Late in the afternoon it came on to rain, it poured with thunder and lightening.


Sunday 9th September 1917

It was very fine in the morning but it soon clouded over, and in the afternoon there was a fine rain and in the evening it rained steadily, none of us went down to Revd Macdonald’s service in the evening.


Tuesday 4th September 1917

Fine in the morning, but showery in the afternoon. I was in bed the most part of the day. Grace walked to Ti Point in the pm to Harold’s place to go with them to the Claim Hall this evening to a farewell to Miss Shanahan the Teacher who is leaving the Ti Point School for a position in the Hamilton West school.

Saturday 1st September 1917

It rained heavily last night and showery this morning, I did nothing this morning but get a load of wood from the other side of the hill.

In the evening there was a meeting of ratepayers which was largely attended, Mr D. M. Darroch occupied the chair.