Saturday 11th August 1917

It was a fine day.

I was cutting wood the other side of the hill. I went down to the village in the afternoon. The Kawau returned from Mangawai, she went round to Big Omaha to discharge cargo and will call in here again tomorrow afternoon for passengers.


Friday 10th August 1917

It was very fine & calm in the morning, there were some rather heavy showers in the afternoon.

I was pulling tea tree the other side of the hill. There was a patriotic dance in the hall in the evening, Grace & Willie went, I staid at home. Arthur Greenwood has put up the cook house at the Hall during the day and the boiler was used for the first time. The “Kawau” called in a 8pm from Auckland on her way to Mangawai, Revd Macdonald came up by her, Jack sent a case of Bananas for us and Willie brought it up after the dance. Harold & Flo’ came up here and staid the night. Willie sowed a bed of Onions.


Thursday 9th August 1917

The wind has changed to the S and the sea is going down. Willie took his eggs down to the wharf in the morning and brought up a load of cases. I was working the other side of the hill. Went down to the village in the evening, the mail did not get in until after 10pm so I did not wait.


Monday 6th August 1917

The wind was blowing strong from the SE but there was no rain. Willie & Dave hauled the charcoal to the wharf. In the morning I cut firewood, and in the pm I pruned the roses. In the evening there was a Bible meeting in the hall of the WCTU. Miss Powell (organiser) gave an address, there were songs, recitations & refreshments.

Sunday 5th August 1917

It was a fine day.

Willie & Grace walked over to Ti Point to spend the day with Harold & Flo’. I attended the Methodist service in the afternoon, went to Wm Dunnings for tea.


Saturday 4th August 1917

It was a fine day. Jack & his wife & George returned to Auckland by the “Kawau” leaving this wharf at 10.30am, all of us went down to see them off and then Jane returned home, we were very sorry that Jack & his wife could not make a longer stay but they have to leave Auckland next Wednesday by the “Mako”.

Willie & Dave finished sacking up the charcoal, they have 58 sacks.

In the afternoon I went the other side of the hill to cut firewood, I carried two loads home.


Friday 3rd August 1917

Fine in the morning a few slight showers in the afternoon. In the morning I was cutting firewood the other side of the hill.

Willie Harper brought up a wire, it was from Jack saying that they were coming by the steamer to day so I took the sulky down to the wharf to meet them. The steamer was a hour late as she had to take on board Archie Dunnings horses at the Kawau as they have finished hauling out firewood there. There was a roll of honour dance in the evening, but none of us went as Jack & his wife are leaving again tomorrow morning. Jane came over to see them and staid the night.


Thursday 2nd August 1917

It rained all last night and all this morning. I was not able to do anything outside, but wrote a letter to Mr Grindrod. The weather cleared up in the afternoon & the wind changed to the SW. I went down for the mail in the evening and changed by book.